Donna Brooks

Embodiment for recovery from grief and loss.

Embodiment is key for recovery from grief and loss. Some experiences in life are just awful and we are left with feelings of sadness, dismay, anger or complete overwhelm. No one wants to feel these feelings yet they are part of life. So, how do we experience them without becoming totally engulfed by them? Recovery … Read more

Finding Space in the Midst of Grief

Approaching grief is anchoring me in the here and now with all its paradoxes. Currently, grief is like a rock in the pit of my stomach. It is dense, hard, and immovable as it sits heavily. My tears wear away at this rock. My tears, the flow of my own water -especially the salt water -will … Read more

What Embodiment Offers People with HSP

If you are often  overwhelmed with thoughts, sensations or emotions, or feel like life is rushing at you,  you might be a highly sensitive person (HSP). If that is the case,  developing your embodiment (also called interoception) can help you stay calm and relaxed no matter how high your sensitivity level. What is interoception? Interoception is … Read more

COVID-19: Feeling Regulated and Finding Action in Despair

I have been thinking a lot about how our country and many of our lives feel so discordant or just strangely different. The covid lock down was so sudden and unexpected. We lost the steadiness of predictability and access to many of the usual ways we stay relaxed. That is certainly what some of this … Read more

Embodied Inner Ecology

Just as we live in an ecological community made up of the unity and diversity of trees, plants, stones, bodies of water, animals etc..our bodies are a kind of unified ecological community. There is a “me” but there are also the parts of the whole that have their own consciousnesses.  But how often do we really get to … Read more

Why I use Somatic Movement as a Yoga Therapist

I use somatic movement for yoga therapy. I use somatic movement as a yoga therapist because it is so effective.Most Yoga therapists I know face all types of challenges from clients. Chronic pain, incomplete recovery from surgery, problems due to disease and high levels of stress keep rising. Many clients can’t even do the most … Read more

Image and Change- How conscious anatomy changes you.

As a teacher and coach, I use metaphor and imagery to stimulate where I think a therapeutic experience could be had. But, I ask it it to arise from the natural wisdom of my clients body. This healing movement is very typically underneath their conscious knowledge and often it takes time for their understanding to … Read more

Fascia Based Yoga and Movement for Parkinson’s Disease

Yesterday I had the honor of teaching a movement and yoga class for people with PD at a conference sponsored by Dartmouth- Hitchcock Medical Center. I had a room of about 150 PD patients and caregivers. I won’t ever see most of these people again so I felt a lot of urgency about giving them … Read more