Build Strength and relieve Pain with Natural Rhythm and Ease

We all have rhythms that build on our bodies desire for varying amounts of effort and rest. Think of spending a day in the woods hiking. You might start out slowly and then pick up speed. You might rest frequently or run up hills with bursts of energy. You might be slow and fairly steady throughout. But, your … Read more

The Ihunch sHuffle

Did you know that slouching can cause emotional distress and physical pain and limitation? A health psychology randomized trial study has shown that slumped participants used more negative emotion words, sad words, expressed being more at the affect of events and used fewer positive words. You know when you feel badly it’s hard ot have pep and to … Read more

Strong, Flexible and Pain Free = Happy Body

I have no doubt you know that your core (abdominal and spinal) strength and flexibility have a powerful effect on all parts of your body.Maybe people sense this instinctively by tightening their gut to stand taller. But did you know that your limbs and especially your extremities have a profound effect on your core? Yes, How … Read more

The evolutionary roots of precise and powerful walking

Fall is in the air and it’s a really great time to get out and walk. That is easier said than done if walking is tiring, painful or boring. Maybe it doesn’t feel as natural as it used to? Our bodies are built for walking. There is a lot of “genetic lineage” that led up to and … Read more

“What’s Keeping You From Gliding Through Life: The Yoga Of Happy, Healthy Hips”

Yoga is about understanding the art and science of life. That includes the bringing together of opposites: activity and rest, strength and flexibility, intention and receiving. What makes it possible to bring together these opposites into a cohesive whole? Integration. Integration allows our bodies and minds to flow easily and freely. Integration helps us glide through … Read more

Your Original Body Wisdom and Qigong

A lot of people have asked me if I have studied the Chinese movement and energy system — Qigong.  I was always drawn to its elegant and rich moves and underlying imagery but I had never formally studied the practice. Thankfully, over this past fourth of July weekend I attended Roger Jahnke’s Qigong workshop “Feel the Qi” at the Omega … Read more

The Yoga of Natural Breathing

Did you know that just being curious while relaxing creates a “sweet spot” for learning something new? Neither did I, but thanks to Lisa Wimberger, I understand how the work we do in Body Wisdom  gets us into that state. Biochemically what is happening when we experience this relaxed curiosity is that we are increasing the flow of dopamine, neuroephrine and acetolyne. … Read more

Change your mind, change your muscle tone

Many people ask me why stretching often gives them only temporary relief from tightness and pain. It’s because stretching does not change the brain. And to change the body we need to change the mind. Our muscles spindles have nerves that relay information between our spinal cord, brain and muscle. Technically, this function is called the … Read more

Happy Hips Happy Heart

Do you remember the exquisite movement you had as a child? And how happy it made you? You could jump, bounce and run with such energy and pleasure! You can’t become a child again but you can reclaim some of the happiness, natural  spring and resiliency you have lost. How? Through letting your body lead … Read more

The Yoga of the Core: More Pleasure, Less Work!

When I mention the word core, I am often met with groans of discouragement. “Oh, I know I don’t do enough”, is the most frequent comment. But, too much focus on abdominal strength can interfere with your body’s natural ability to support all of your joints and ease in your movement. Although the core needs to be … Read more