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Interoception Offers Highly Sensitive People (HSP) Help

Interoception offers Highly Sensitive People (HSP) help. This can be help for overwhelm, emotional flooding and focus.

Highly Sensitive People HSP need help because we are often overwhelmed by thoughts, sensations and emotions. If you have this, you often feel like life is rushing at you! Happily, interoception offers highly sensitive people (HSP) help to moderate all of that.

Interoception Helps Highly Sensitive People with Overwhelm.

Often, Highly Sensitive People can react strongly to stimuli. Therefore, social activities, lights, noise or crowds can be hard because it is all so much to process. Of course, Internal states can be hard to process too. You may be more sensitive to hunger, pain or temperature.

Yes, Interoception means you consciously pay attention to signals from your body. But, I’d really different than getting overwhelmed by them. Interception is a skill you learn to master when your nervous system is at its most open, safe and calm.

Feeling into your body from this state helps gain an accurate assessment of what you are feeling. With this, your thoughts are not clouded by catastrophic thoughts and my clients start to distinguish early signals that lead to creating more comfort before getting overwhelmed.

Interoception Has Been Shown to Improve Emotional Regulation In Highly Sensitive People (HSP).

Interoception Offers Highly Sensitive People (HSP) help with emotions. . Curiously, regulating emotions has to do with developing an accurate experience of your internal self. However, you can learn skills that help you find regulation through gentle somatic movement exercises. These exercises your brain tools to help itself. Learn more here. And, watch this video

Interception Offers Highly Sensitive People (HSP) Help

Interoception Also Supports Focus

Once you find an alternative to overwhelm and emotional flooding you find yourself with more ability to focus. In fact, interception is a practice that gives you a positive focus. Finding neutral, pleasant and supportive experiences in your body brings a clarity and easy focus to the present moment. Yes, this allows you to have more open attention for what you want to engage with! Like this animal

The animal self feels itself!

Now, are you curious about how interception and embodiment can help you? Try a discovery session on Zoom or in person. I look forward to meeting you! You can also watch helpful videos on my anti-anxiety YouTube playlist.