Donna Brooks is a somatic movement educator and therapist, Yogi, and embodied meditator who has 35 years of experience teaching, counseling and coaching in movement and the healing arts.

Stacie Giddings

I am a driving personality and when it came to exercise, had a no pain no gain mindset. I was more stiff and confined in my movement vs fluid and graceful. Donna has been a gift to me. My first class with her I thought, “hey, this is too ‘easy’ and relaxing, yet it is HARD… why is it so hard?!?” I couldn’t wrap my head around it… The brain:body connection is fascinating. The same way our brains can ‘brainwash’ our minds to believe our each and every thought (whether those thoughts are true or not), it can do the same with our bodies. Donna has helped me break unhealthy patterns in my body; patterns I wasn’t aware of. I can now FEEL my breath throughout my entire body (i used to be a very shallow breather), and I can use my entire being to support my posture and movement. I have more fluidity and grace. Not only am I becoming a more graceful athlete (and feel more protected from injury), I am healing my mind and spirit as well.