Donna Brooks is a somatic movement educator and therapist, Yogi, and embodied meditator who has 35 years of experience teaching, counseling and coaching in movement and the healing arts.

William Cutler, Northampton MA

I have been attending Donna’s classes, both in-person and via Zoom, for a couple of years. As a physician specializing in chronic pain management, I have learned that developing the mind/body connection is the most essential tool for relieving pain and enhancing function. Donna is a master at developing, sharing, and teaching techniques to strengthen the mind/body connection. She has helped me to heal and prevent injuries. And the understanding I have gained about my body, by attending her classes, has been invaluable for both my personal health and my professional life as an educator about pain. I would recommend her classes for anyone who either suffers from chronic pain or who simply wants to better understand how their body works.