Body Wisdom Blog

by Donna Brooks

What Embodiment Offers People with HSP

If you are often  overwhelmed with thoughts, sensations or emotions, or feel like life is rushing at you,  you might be a highly sensitive person (HSP). If that is the case,  developing your embodiment (also called interoception) can help you stay calm and relaxed no matter how high your sensitivity level. What is interoception? Interoception is a lesser-known sense that helps you understand and feel what’s going on inside your body.  Practicing interoception builds your ability to stay calm and grounded. It offers you a feeling of having time so you can slow down and feel life  at a speed that is comfortable for you. Interoception can help you read and respond to incoming experience and information. Interoception has been shown to increase focus and enhance the ability to process emotion. You can gain more internal bandwidth to meet stress without getting reactive, confused or triggered. You can pause, reflect and respond more easily.  So, how can you build this interoception?   Developing interoception involves experiencing our animal selves. Animals never think about who they are or what they want to become. They just experience life. You can do this and it is not a mental act – it’s just feeling into your body.. It’s judgement -free and it liberates natural rhythm.  By engaging pleasant movements you receive information from your body in a “bottom up” way. This bypasses the emotional arousal or cognitive confusion that arises from your brain.Your thinking mind takes a break. Embodiment supports you in  developing ways of moving and being that are supportive and aren’t stressful or “too much.”    As you relax  your experience becomes natural.  You  perceive more deeply and clearly and without triggering the limbic system and alarming yourself. You get to keep the depth and breadth of perception that your sensitivity offers without the worry, “ickiness” or emotional storms.   Another advantage of interception or embodiment is that as you feel at home in your body it becomes much easier to pinpoint the sources of pain, anxiety or bad feelings.  Pinpointing them allows you to clearly cognitively assess situations and beliefs so you have more control and less reaction. You have more understanding of what is happening in your life. The bonus is that the very same skills that help you live more easily as a sensitive person also calm pain, injury and bad movement habits.