Classes, Clinics, and Events

Classes, Clinics, and Events

Easy Body Wisdom Yoga and Somatics. Join us and have fun exploring!  We gently unwind limiting movement habits and use dynamic movement to build flexibility and strength. New information on how our bodies work is presented and used to gain a more effective experience of how our bodies really work. Expect to have more ease in mobility with more structural support, better posture, and increased calm. Other benefits include improved immune function, better breathing and circulation, pain relief and healthier joints. 

Ongoing. $95 for 4 weeks. Classes held on Mondays 9:30 -10:45am and Saturday morning 10-11:15 am. On Zoom. Small, personalized classes give you the skill to live deeply in your own body at an affordable price. If you have not worked with me before you can take a sample class for $25.  Also, please visit this page for some videos of my work.

Easy Body Wisdom Yoga and Somatics

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Sample Class

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The Yoga of Walking: An experiential Outdoor Clinic.  Is walking not as  easy and natural as it used to? Are you feeling pain in your hips, knees or your back? Do your feet hurt? Do you just feel limited or sore? This workshop will help you 

  • Walk longer and faster and without pain.
  • Eliminate pain in your lower back, hips, knees and feet.
  • Improve your  gait so walking is fluid and easy
  • Build your core and upper body.
  • Develop walking as a whole body exercise.

Learn more here. Sunday, September 19 1-3:30 in Hadley, MA  $45. Watch the video preview![wp_paypal button=”cart” name=”The Yoga of Walking: An experiential Outdoor Clinic” amount=”45″]

One on One Sessions: Develop your internal awareness and experience for pain relief, better movement and posture, calm, clarity and a feeling of well-being.  I use guided and felt imagery, somatic interception, Yoga therapy, movement coaching and intuitive counseling to help you build Physical, emotional and mental resilience and stamina. Contact me and let’s have a conversation about how I can help. Or make an appointment by clicking here. In person or virtual. Home visits possible.

Parkinson’s Yoga and Movement Class: Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am. Contact me for information. We work with proper breathing, balancing the connective tissue matrix and equalizing the need for vigorous movement with ease and relaxation. I have worked with Parkinson’s patients for a decade.

Based on Mark Morris Dance for Parkinson’s and the Boston University Yoga for Parkinson’s programs, this class offers fun and accessible movements that support dexterity, strength, balance, walking, vocalization, flexibility, motor control, and rapidity. Students report feeling better and calmer, and they enjoy the camaraderie.

Class size limited / $120 / 6 weeks

Wednesdays 9:30-10:45 am EST

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The lesson on feet was a revelation . . . I had been experiencing a numb, prickly feeling in my foot, with ankle weakness and tremors, and had been finding it difficult to stand for long periods of time. I mentioned this to Donna at the beginning of a class and she tailored that day’s lesson to focus on foot strengthening and alignment. Even before the class was over, my symptoms were practically alleviated. In the following class, Donna reinforced the previous lesson and extended the focus on feet. I am constantly impressed by the depth of her knowledge, and by how she is able to lead a cohesive class while addressing each individual’s needs. I now have greater insight into the mechanics and structure of my feet, and an abundance of strategies to continue improving their function. I am elated! —Judy Bowerman, Northampton, MA

Upcoming Courses


  • Is naturally pleasurable and satisfying. We evolved to be a walking species.
  • Can be done without sustaining injury or needing recovery time.
  • Improves circulation, relieves arthritis, improves digestion, respiration and cuts the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
  • Strengthens bone and muscle increasing your ability to maintain strength and balance
  • Walking soothes our minds and gives us perspective.

Learn more

Gardening season is upon us and it can cause sore backs, achey hips, pained knees and strained shoulders. In this 1.5 hour virtual workshop I will give you four steps you need to make garden aches a thing of the past. We will address proper bending, lifting, twisting, shoveling and raking

Imagine a class that is slow and yummy, unwinding and filled with satisfying pulling, reaching, gliding and sliding. This is how we will explore the liquid matrix that wraps around and interconnects all our bone, muscles and organs.

Fascia is filled with nerve sensors, sensors for moving in space, temperature regulators and ignoring it or over riding its signals increase chance for injury and also inhibit recovery. Engaging it gives luscious support and effortless fluidity to our bodies. Possibly, the fascia also assists immune function.

Through playing with the natural spiral movements of your connective tissue you can make it healthier and build resilience that lets you:

  • Move with more freedom.
  • Have more mobile joints.
  • Exercise safely and gain greater benefits.
  • Relax chronic tension.
  • Create balanced and healthy muscle tone.

If you are prone to neck or shoulder pain or tension – even despite the fact that you may already be working out, stretching or getting massage – the solution is not to do more of the same old thing. The answer is understanding the subtleties about how YOUR body needs to move.

You can learn gentle movements that connect your hands, arms and shoulders for increased mobility and long term pain relief. The best news? This work is enjoyable and leaves you feeling relaxed and centered.

Even if you have been a “couch potato” or are recovering from an injury, this eight-week course can help you:

  • Eliminate strain and overwork in your neck, shoulders, and wrists.
  • Turn and lift your head easily and without pain.
  • Get more upper-body strength through natural, functional movements.
  • Enhance rotator cuff and joint injury recovery.
  • Become confident and comfortable in lifting, carrying and grasping.

Do you want rapid recovery from exertion or strain and protection from injury?

There is an effective and pleasurable way to use your muscles more intelligently. By integrating the muscle / fascia matrix you get:

  • Easier Recovery after exertion
  • Better recovery from injury
  • Strength without hardening or tightness
  • Everyday movement becomes flexible and pain-free.
  • Clarity and precision to your movements.
  • Muscle tone that supports balance in both active and relaxed states.

Anyone is welcome to this course. Please come prepared to learn and integrate your fascia matrix.

We human beings are biologically designed to be relaxed unless we need to confront a danger. So why are we so stressed out and tired?

One reason is we no longer breath fully and without effort. All day we hold our breath and breath shallowly. Re-claiming your natural, uncomplicated breath alleviates pain, brings relaxation and energy to your body while improving sleep and digestion. It calms the nervous system and lightens up mood.

This gentle and effective six-week course will each you how to:

  • Let go of neck,upper back and shoulder pain and tension with simple breathing awareness.
  • Comfort agitation and anxiety.
  • Relieve lower back pain by properly using your diaphragm.
  • Support healthy cardiac function.
  • Keep your core strong just by normalizing your natural breath.
  • Bring ease and resilience to difficult and turbulent situations.

If you have lower back pain, sore hips or pelvic prolapse you have probably worked on building your core. If abdominal work has not helped as much as you hoped it’s time for you to understand how the muscles of your pelvic floor work with and support other core muscles and organs.

Through gentle, natural, sequential movement coupled with targeted relaxation and strength you will:

  • Find the natural movements of pelvis that keep pelvic floor muscles both elastic and strong.
  • Develop breathing habits that take strain away from your pelvic diaphragm.
  • Understand and nourish the fans and triangles that support bladder, rectum and uterus.
  • Prevent or slow lower organ prolapse.
  • Help relieve difficult urination or incontinence.
  • Understand why and how good posture and smooth gait support your pelvic floor. 
  • Breathing the Pelvic Floor: Discover the Resilient Power of the Jelly Fish at the Base of your Feminine Core.  Perhaps the most important part of being a woman is developing resilience. Just like our pelvic floors we have to be flexible and strong. Yet, as women we are often overloaded, juggling responsibilities and trying to preserve our wellbeing through gripping, pushing and then collapsing,.

    Treating our pelvic floors with the respect and nurturing they need, builds our emotional resilience as well as the resilience of the pelvic floor. Understanding how the “jellyfish” of your pelvic floor operates and how it operates in relationship to your repository diaphragm and your jaw and tongue can mean the difference between feeling core support or not!

Do you:

  • Have neck, shoulder or jaw problems?
  • Feel like your breath catches in your throat?
  • Struggle to keep your head up and shoulders back?
  • Notice your speaking voice get thin or reedy?
  • Find yourself reacting to life with held breath and a tight throat?

Identifying, understanding and moving your hyoid bone and related muscles can help. This little bone connects our breathing, speaking, swallowing, and plays an important supporting role in overall posture. Natural hyoid movement is subtle, pain-free and can eliminate problems with chronic neck and shoulder tension, difficulty speaking, swallowing or feeling like your head weighs too much!

At their best, sitting and standing can provide rest, stillness and comfortable support. But, like most people, you probably experience them as the opposite.You can change habits that can chase pain and stiffness away.You will:

Experience skull support that takes the pressure out of your neck and shoulders

  • Experience developmental head reach that takes the pressure out of your neck and shoulders
  • find weight travel through your bones avoiding unnecessary muscle contraction.
  • Find extended spinal support that feels like having a third leg
  • Discover Integrity in basic body geometric shapes that guide alignment and make it easy.
  • Discover ways to feel you have both ease of movement and structural integrity without constant vigilance and work.

This  course will give you what you need to know to get strength, flexibility and healthy function in your hips. We will use natural spiral, sequential movements that include, but are independent of, strength and flexibility training. We will also understand the supporting connection of your feet, sacrum, lower back and pelvic floor. Once you understand the principles for feeling free in your body you can apply them to all your movements.

You can:

  • Relieve hip pain by reducing tension your hips carry because of common postural fallacies.
  • Use smart – not harder or more – movement to build strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Understand the range of your personal hip joints and how to support their longevity.
  • Learn about the lower body suspension system that takes pressure off of your joints.

You can have a healthy, flexible and fluid spine and great posture without constant vigilance, correction, adjusting or propping.

This class is a meditation in stillness and movement. This is a pleasant practice that has very useful for anyone wanting to have better posture, improve yoga asana. suffering from spinal pain or tension or just aging. You will find your natural vertical alignment through gently and consciously engaging developmental support for the spine, digestive system, brain stem and glands (or chakras). Awareness and engagements of these support provide effortless good posture that takes strain and weakness out of the muscles.  The result is:

  • Fluid and restful spinal decompression.
  • Experience of  “no holding, no tugging, no-tightening” engagement.
  • Help keep bones healthy by finding gravity and its rebound.
  • Balance between internal and outer open attention in the nervous system.
  • Relief from back pain and difficulties with walking and sitting
  • A Tadasana that gives fluidity and support to all yoga standing poses
  • Experience energetic support for structure.

6 weeks beginning:

Friday, September 6 10 -11:15 am

Saturday, September 7 10-11:15am

Forget endless exercise and free up your spine to be the natural agent of locomotion that it is.
A fluid and undulating spine is not only a pain free spine but it:

  • Offers you a third leg (tail) that brings freedom and support to your hips and knees.
  • Lets you have a “good head on your shoulders” by finding just the rights skeletal balance so your neck and shoulder muscles can lay off all that extra work.
  • Supports your ability to rapidly turn while maintaining balance and a youthful spring.
  • Moves  with your digestive organs bringing your uprightness a soft, vertical quality.
  • Gives you strain-free range of motion in side, forward, back bending and twisting

If you are like most people, standing takes it’s toll. It can be hard on knees, hips and backs and many peoples feet take a beating.You will:

  • Understand and experience the different arches of your foot and use them for better function
  • Experience ankle support that takes the pressure out of knees and heels
  • Find the natural pathway of your feet in your gait.
  • Create mobility in parts of your feet that have felt “dead” for years
  • Lift flat feet and lower arches that are too high
  • Relieve pain.

This energizing practice—a lot like qigong—helps you confront fear and hesitations in life. Using an experiential movement model based on the physics of momentum and figure-eight patterns, you will develop the body integration, core fitness, and coordination required to make a rhythmic and geometrically beautiful crack. Distinct from learning by wrist or shoulder flicking, this approach uses your entire body in a way that rehabilitates old injuries while making overall movement more fluid, powerful, and precise. See bullwhipping in action.

  • Learn to integrate a somatic approach into your teaching.
  • Find the keys to your confidence and presentation.
  • Make yoga teaching a more full and creative experience for yourself.

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