Donna Brooks is a somatic movement educator and therapist, Yogi, and embodied meditator who has 35 years of experience teaching, counseling and coaching in movement and the healing arts.

Be in Your Body, Be in Your Life:

Become a More Effective and Relaxed Communicator and Presenter

  • Do you feel insecure about your ability to lead, communicate, or be perceived for what you are?
  • Do you struggle to feel relaxed, confident, or poised in situations where the focus is on you?
Do you ever wonder why some public speakers get our attention and others fade into the background?
As both a student of public speaking and a speaker myself, I see one key element of getting an audiences attention.

That quality is presence!
More than jokes, information, or style a speakers presence is the key factor.

That is good news. Presence is something you can cultivate.
How does this work? First we come home to our bodies. That is our birthright. We do this through simple, fun and easy to understand movements and exercises. From a place of being at home and present in our bodies we can take on the opportunity and challenge of speaking from an empowered and alive place.

Our audience feels our presence and our words take on more meaning and authenticity.
With that presence our presentations get and sustain attention and build incredible bonds between you and your audience, no matter what the size.

You can learn to be confident and never use a script! I help you to begin with what feels right when speaking to a single person or a large audience.
The small step that feels right to you will let you develop ideas and edit thoughts as you communicate making your presentation natural and connected. Being in the flow of this makes your task manageable and enjoyable. Surprising yourself keeps your audience engaged.
Join me April 7th for an introductory evening. 

Working together, you can:

  • Feel confident, poised when speaking.
  • Increase your ability to sense what an audience wants and tie that into what you are delivering.
  • Increase  credibility.
  • Infuse the delivery of your subject with a spontaneity that energizes and engages your audience.
  • Use your body rather than an agenda or format to determine your rhythm and timing.

This coaching approach individuals and professionals who do:

  • presentations
  • sales
  • public speaking
  • performance
  • teaching
  • public relations
  • management and team leading
  • therapy and counseling

You may start with a one-hour discovery session to gain clarity about what is needed and to see if this program is a good fit. A discovery session will help you understand where you can go from here! $110.

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