Gentle Moment and Yoga Classes for Embodiment

Gentle Moment and Yoga Classes for Embodiment

Small personalized courses give you the skill to live deeply in your own body at an affordable price.

In small groups you will change your body with gentle “Moving Mindfully” explorations that help you reclaim healthy movement patterns, get support from your fascia / bio-tensegrity , calm your nervous system and experience your anatomy so it makes sense and helps you transform pain, limitation and stickiness into lasting ease and fluidity in body and mind.

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Pain and movement restrictions can originate in injury, faulty movements, compensation or after surgery or from organic disease. They can also arise from emotional fallout and trauma.

I have used embodiment myself to build a resilient container that supports me in meeting emotional and mental difficulties.
It helps transform stuck physical and emotional states so we have more bandwidth and option in movement and in life.

How Groups work……
These small, individualized classes focus on challenging body areas including hips, pelvic floor, walking, shoulders, feet, breathing, knees. lower back and necks and the emotional stress patterns that accompany them. For current classes and workshops click here:  Classes are small and personal with ample time for reflection, questions, and sharing perspectives with others..

This is for you if you want to:

  • Unwind long term chronic pain and limitations
  • Understand your body as a community of consciousness.
  • Make ease, grace and poise your default mentally and physically.
  • Meet life with comfort, resilience, and fluidity.
  • Have effortless good posture that support the core of who you are and prevent you from losing ground.

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What has been said

“This form of bodywork is unlike any I have experienced before: yoga, tai chi, qigong, massage, etc. It allows release on a deep and subtle level, and gently but powerfully shifts the tension/energy in my body. Donna is knowledgeable and able to hold space with grace. Part of why words feel inadequate is because her work is, at the core, experiential. She guides the class through deceptively simple but potent exercises that you must experience to understand.” student, Northampton, MA

Northampton, MA