Donna Brooks is a somatic movement educator and therapist, Yogi, and embodied meditator who has 35 years of experience teaching, counseling and coaching in movement and the healing arts.

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Welcome to my media page, where you can access the collection of videos and resources I have created for you.

I add to these resources on a regular basis and if you are looking for something specific make a suggestion for a new topic!


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Embodiment Therapy for Grief and Loss

Grief does not have to look a certain way.

You can experience happiness and grief at the same time. With embodiment practices, you can learn how to create the space for peace and joy to co-exist with the intense pain of loss and grief.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Support

Healing begins when you understand that pelvic floor problems are not restricted to this one part of your body. General body tension, how you walk, stand, or sit, or having flexible joints can all worsen your pelvic floor condition.

Treating our pelvic floors with the respect and nurturing they need builds our emotional resilience and the resilience of the pelvic floor.

Drug-Free Pain Relief for Chronic Pain

If you have a lot of stress or pain in your body it can be really tempting to try to distract yourself. But no matter what you are experiencing there is always a part of your body that can feel some ease.

Your pain is real, but there are gentle yet powerful embodiment exercises and treatments for relief that can be life-changing.

Movement Therapy for Parkinson's

Balance, strength and motor control are more than muscular. Your fascia matrix is key to your balance and help for rigidity or jerky movements.

When your body feels connected, tension gets distributed throughout. This principle is what makes for a body that works better and feels better.

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Embodiment Videos

Two Min Embodiment Thumbnail
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Two Minute Embodiment Meditation

A meditation to help keep calm in the eye of any Storm. How to feel comfort underneath your emotions.

2 Min Somatic Embodiment for Better Muscle Use

Somatic movement and embodiment help with better movement, mental ease and emotional comfort. Use eccentric and concentric contraction to affect your body and mind.

What are Somatics, Embodiment & Yoga Therapy?

Learn to listen to your body and relieve distress or numbing. Recognize the potential of how your body can move and feel and help your body educate your brain.

Embodiment for Public Speaking
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Proud warrior into Power Bullwhip Cracking
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What is embodiment
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Embodiment for Public Speaking

Use embodiment techniques to relieve the stress and anxiety of public speaking or public performance.

Proud Warrior into Power Bullwhip Cracking

Bullwhip cracking using full-body integration and the swing of Proud Warrior (Virabhadrasana). This practice breaks obstacles and helps you feel the personal power that is deeply rooted in your body.

What is Embodiment?

The essence of how we approach yoga, breathing, and moving is found in how we EMBODY. It's a key to living life with ease, integrity and vitality.

Breathing Exercises

Quick Diaphragmatic Breathing
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Quick Diaphragmatic Breathing

Take better care of your lungs with diaphragmatic breathing. Your diaphragm is like a jellyfish, it’s dome-like and can change shape.

Nose Breathing Thumbnail
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Nose Breathing for Covid 19, Keep Calm & Happy

Yoga nose breathing for Corona virus / Covid-19. Nose breathing helps circulate oxygen better and helps you say calm by supporting vagal nerve tone.

Expand Your Ribs & Lungs for Better Breathing Thumbnail
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Expand Your Ribs & Lungs for Better Breathing

It's not enough to "breathe deeply". Feel the correct movement of your rib cage and breathe deeper, easier, more naturally and free and loosen tension in your shoulders and back.

Beat Anxiety, Pain & Stress with Exhalation
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Beat Anxiety, Pain & Stress with Exhalation

Learn the power of exhalation to reduce pain, stress and the symptoms of injury and neurological disorders.

Cellular Respiration - Resilience for Covid-19 Thumbnail
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Cellular Respiration - Resilience for Covid-19

Your entire body breathes on a cellular level. This centering practice is about feeling grounded, and experiencing the membranes and fluids of your cells.

Make Your Ribs More Mobile to Breathe Easier
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Make Your Ribs More Mobile to Breathe Easier.

Your ribs are flexible and pliable – not a cage! With ease and attention you can gently release tension and gain mobility.

Alveoli Breathing - Fill & Empty Your Lungs Thumbnail
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Alveoli Breathing - Fill & Empty Your Lungs

Most of your rib cage is filled with your lungs. Learn to feel your lungs through your body and sense movement of the tiny Alveoli.

Breathing exercise to beat anxiety
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Breathing exercise to beat anxiety

A blood flow and aerobic activity tip for people who can't perform (or find it difficult) with heavy exercise.

Walking Videos: Yoga of Walking

Leg Balance Thumbnail
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Knee Glide Thumbnail
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Walk Without Pain Thumbnail
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Address Leg Balance Problems with Your Tail!

Focusing on leg lifting can affect your balance. But you can add stability by cultivating the feeling of having a tail!

The Knee Glide for Improved Walking

Walk smoothly and quickly without pain in your knees, ankles and back by bringing your knees over your feet while walking.

Walk Without Pain in Your Feet and Ankles

The sliding of the talus bone through your ankles makes walking efficient. But it helps if you have the right shoes!

Interviews with Donna Brooks

Poor Posture Thumbnail
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Somatic Movement Experts Thumbnail
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Yoga - Simply Talking
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Poor posture that can put you in a nursing home.

Stop jutting your neck and chin forward! Donna Brooks shows you how to bring balance into your posture.

Somatic Movement Approach to Yoga - Learn from the Experts

What is your body's wisdom? Instead of seeing our bodies as an object to control and manipulate you can have a lived experience that builds calm and better movement function.

Yoga & Exercise with Chronic Stress - Simply Talking

If you are chronically stressed and push yourself in yoga you can cause strain and injury.

Pelvic Floor - Yoga University Interview
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Pelvic Floor Health - Yoga University Interview

Pelvic Floor imbalances can show up as jaw problems, lower back problems, difficulty with arches and gait. Use yoga and somatic therapy to bring the body back to balance.