Donna Brooks is a somatic movement educator and therapist, Yogi, and embodied meditator who has 35 years of experience teaching, counseling and coaching in movement and the healing arts.

Long-term pain relief without drugs

Harness the healing power of your body and mind

Your Pain is Real. It’s your body’s way of communicating that something is wrong.

But pain doesn’t have to define your life.

You know that living on pain medication is not ideal. But when conventional therapies don’t work, where do you turn?

We do not live in a society that prioritizes healing.

For most people, daily life is stressful and disconnected from our innermost needs.

We spend hours sitting in chairs or cars. We eat poorly and fill our bodies with caffeine or sugar when we need sleep. We push ourselves in the gym or on the yoga mat. We are forever rushing to get things done.

When we struggle, we become stressed and more prone to pain. We ignore our intuition and body wisdom, further compromising our well-being. As a so-called intelligent species, we put very little emphasis on true health, and we know so little about whole-body-mind wellbeing!

Yet, human beings are capable of powerful, long-term self-healing.

How do you give your body the ability to harness that healing power?

You can change your physiology and relieve pain without drugs.

My name is Donna Brooks, and for over 35 years, I have been helping people gain insight into their bodies and lives through yoga therapy, somatic movement, and the healing arts.

My movement-based, mindful approach to natural pain relief teaches you how to address pain from the inside out. For most people, this includes:

  • Unlearning poor movement habits of a lifetime.
  • Unwinding patterns of compensation caused by injuries or trauma.
  • Mastering early developmental movements you may have missed as a child.

Perhaps for the first time in your adult life, you will experience your whole body and how good it feels when it works the way it was designed to.

My clients regularly report that they experience:

  • Long term pain relief.
  • Increased mobility and agility.
  • Emotional resilience and calmness.
  • Being more comfortable in their skin.

Natural pain treatment online or in Pioneer Valley, MA

I offer unique and customised pain treatment sessions, either online via Zoom – or in my studio in Pioneer Valley, MA. Pain treatments include a combination of gentle, yet-powerful techniques inspired by Yoga Therapy, Pandiculation Somatics, Body-Mind Centering, Dialogue, Embodied Meditation, Breathwork, The Realization Process, Open Focus, Continuum, and other effective Somatic Movement approaches.

Every client has different needs, and our sessions are fluid. There is no “right” way to treat pain; we go where your body needs to go. I tailor your sessions depending on your life experience, your needs and my intuitive process.

Together we delve into:

  • Learning how to move without pain.
  • Emotional and physiological self-regulation
  • Stress relieving self-sensing
  • Somato-sensory integration
  • Pleasurable movement, and play.

My technique is gentle, natural and creates new neural pathways for calm, strength, and vitality.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional therapies and are ready to work on your body and mind as a whole, I would love to work with you.

Let’s begin!

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  • 5 sessions
  • 2 month expiry
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Package 2


  • 12 sessions over 12 weeks
  • Save $100

If finances are tight but you still want to work with me, group classes are available!

$95 for four weeks. These are a great option if you learn well in group environments. Includes experiential anatomy. Classes are based on special topics.

The pre-requisite for group classes is a discovery session or 20-minute free conversation so that we can ensure that you are a good candidate to jump right in.


"Donna is a truly gifted healer and bodyworker. It's hard for me to explain in words the subtlety of what she does and the depth of her knowledge and intuition.

In just a few sessions, she helped me reverse months' worth of debilitating back pain and regain my mobility. I love working with Donna – she is a true gem.



"Donna is an excellent teacher! I’ve had a really profound experience working with Donna, and its all been over video, during the pandemic, and for this I’m very grateful.

She’s been helping me reconnect with my body, learn new ways of moving with ease, and bring caring and patience toward myself. She has a deep and nuanced understanding of anatomy and the functioning of the nervous system, and a commitment toward cultivating wholeness and full embodiment with her students. Donna also has a great sense of humor, and there is joy and self-expression in our sessions. Working with her, I practice living within my body and accepting all of its sensations, which has helped with chronic pain and stiffness and helped me feel more alive.



"I have been attending Donna’s classes, both in-person and via Zoom, for a couple of years. As a physician specializing in chronic pain management,

I have learned that developing the mind/body connection is the most essential tool for relieving pain and enhancing function. Donna is a master at developing, sharing, and teaching techniques to strengthen the mind/body connection. She has helped me to heal and prevent injuries. And the understanding I have gained about my body, by attending her classes, has been invaluable for both my personal health and my professional life as an educator about pain. I would recommend her classes for anyone who either suffers from chronic pain or who simply wants to better understand how their body works.



"I sought out Donna’s expertise because I live with chronic pain. Her creative and thoughtful method of instruction has helped me to inhabit my body with greater ease and fluidity.

Her relaxation meditations are divine and so helpful in unwinding the nervous system. 



"I started taking classes with Donna a number of years ago when I was suffering with neck pain. Through her guidance, I started to understand so much about my body,

the patterns of movement I held, and how to move in a much more effortless way. Long after the condition was resolved, I continue to study with Donna. Her approach helps me integrate new ways of understanding my body and how to apply these principles in everyday movement. I can't recommend her classes enough.



"I came to Donna with a herniated disc. Before working with her, I was disconnected from my body most of the time. Through our work together,

I am now able to experience how I move, how my muscles, bones, and organs work together, and what my body is telling me throughout the day. This heightened awareness is helping me change my way of walking and sitting, and that lets me reduce my back pain and prevent another disc herniation. I'm amazed at how wonderful I feel in my body! Also, being in touch with the inner physical sensations of my body, I feel more emotionally connected as well. In working with Donna, I feel more confident, more comfortable in my skin, and more at home with myself. Working with her has transformed aspects of my life I never even anticipated."



"Each time I come to class I wonder why I am doing something so simple, so much against my typical “push, push” approach to life. But by the time I leave,

I have found that entrenched pain is gone, or I’ve learned about an alternative to a way in which I’m using my body that really is far more work than I need to do, and is leading to chronic tension and pain. Donna is helping me see that life really can be more comfortable and easier than I had imagined.”



"For years I've struggled with trying to improve my posture and back pain. Finally, I've found something that works! The change is slow and gentle (therefore effective!)

but it's clearly happening. I'm not trying to force myself to "sit up straight" anymore, but finding the best posture naturally and relaxing into it. What a difference! I refer all my friends who have problems with pain."


Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

It varies depending on the individual. Many clients will have regular sessions initially. Then, once they really experience the results of our work together, they require less frequent, maintenance sessions.

Do you work with women during pregnancyWhat kind of pain does this work for?

Movement therapy is useful for a large variety of chronic pain including:

- sports or motor vehicle injuries
- stress or repetitive motion injuries
- mystery pain
- pain with walking, lifting, sitting, running or athletic activity.
- a lifetime of poor posture
- pain from stress and tension
- postpartum pain
- anxiety or emotional trauma manifesting in the body
- fibromyalgia
- long covid
- specific issues with feet or back, neck and shoulder pain.

What is unique about how you work with people?

Like everything else I do - it’s very gentle, and you set the pace. The first step is to actually feel safe and grounded. But we focus on embodied safety rather than rational safety, which is a new concept for many people! Depending on the person, this can take time to develop, and usually, it is not a linear process.

I am passionate about helping my clients unlearn the movement habits of a lifetime, a crisis or trauma, focusing on connective tissue matrix (fascia) and continuous positive tension throughout our body (tensegrity). 

I use a combination of gentle-yet-powerful techniques and a focus on listening for where you are at right now. There is no prescription, no plan, we listen to your body, you will learn how to listen to your body. It is for the body like meditation is to the mind.

How should I prepare for an online pain therapy session?

Pain therapy via zoom is not only effective but is especially helpful when clients are unable to drive due to pain. Choose a room where you feel comfortable and safe, where you can be seated and work on the floor. Ideally, you will have a computer positioned with a decent microphone and camera to see each other easily during the session. Loose, comfortable clothes are helpful.

What is embodiment therapy?

Embodiment therapy is a therapeutic method which allows for the integration of mind and body. This in turn helps you to have a real experience your internal self.

Why is this important?

Well, this real time experience of your inner self creates a visceral awareness of your internal sensing.

Your internal sensing allows you to regulate your emotions AND prevent injuries and pain. It tunes your awareness into what your physical body needs before you have a problem.

Embodiment is the experience of being alive and aware; being in your body with qualities of ease and satisfaction.

How do you decide how to work with each patient?

I trust my intuition to give input and then see if it is well received. I find out quickly if I am on the right track and, if not, I shift directions. I also ask for verbal confirmations and impressions. Sessions are fluid and follow your lead.

Is this suitable if I have recently had trauma or surgery?

Yes. It is helpful to inhabit the body gently, please check with your doctor or surgeon first and let me know of any issues that may impact our sessions.

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