Donna Brooks is a somatic movement educator and therapist, Yogi, and embodied meditator who has 35 years of experience teaching, counseling and coaching in movement and the healing arts.

Sitting Comfortably for Meditation: A Somatic Experience

Many people feel discomfort in their body when learning to meditate. This is partly due to habits we hold in our bodies. The good news is that you can release these habits in a gentle, pleasurable and long lasting way. You can free your body and mind to more fully focus on your practice.

This in not a traditional Yoga or postural method where you make yourself have “good posture”. This is a somatic approach that builds your ability to gently sense intrinsic support for natural, easy and comfortable sitting.

This course is ideal for anyone who endeavors to sit for long stretches of time without suffering from continual discomfort, the need for adjustment or fighting the urge to fidget. We will look at chair, kneeling and cushion sitting options.

All classes are held in Hadley at Wellspring Integrative Neurotherapy, 104 Russell St., Hadley, MA.

Tuesday evenings November 17- December 22nd     7-8:15 pm

Course size limited / 6 weeks / $149

 ” For over 25 years I couldn’t sit on the floor or beach without something to lean on, or my back would be in pain. No more! Sat through the fireworks (and we were there a half hour early) with no back pain! Hiked a steep mountain also and not sore today! I’m just amazed.”

“I’m so excited about this. You have no idea. This has plagued me for YEARS! Thank you, Donna”

B. Pratt, Granby, MA

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