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Stepping Safely into the Chaos of Grief

When my son died, I actually felt I was at a fork in the road… I could either collapse into unending suffering or find the richness of life in the shadows.

I chose the latter, my daily embodiment practise allows me to feel my emotions while also having my life.

For you, I combine this embodiment therapy practice with decades of experience, intuition and therapeutic techniques to help you integrate your experience of grief. It is gentle, compassionate, and liberating.

Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health

The pelvic floor is literally the foundation for our whole body: it sits at the bottom of our torso and forms the floor for all our organs. It serves as the base for our core musculature and plays a crucial role in our overall postural and functional health.

Because of this, when the pelvic floor is not functioning correctly, your body’s foundation can’t support you in your day-to-day-movements. This lack of support can manifest as incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse (for women), prostate problems (for men), and even low back pain.

In addition to its crucial physical role, the pelvic floor is also the basis for our root chakra: it is the foundation upon which we build our lives. Imbalance in this area can leave us with not only physical side effects, but psycho-emotional ones as well.

In this online course, yoga therapist Donna Brooks will discuss how we can use yoga to restore the health of the pelvic floor and prevent common problems. You will learn natural gentle and sequential movements and targeted yoga asanas to develop pelvic floor health in a balanced way.

Resilience and the Connective Tissue Matrix

In this course, yoga and somatic movement therapist Donna Brooks will explore ways to release strain patterns in the fascial body. By freeing the fascia matrix, we can become more responsive to changes in our environment and recover more quickly and thoroughly from tension, injury and trauma.

It's not enough to understand the fascia. We have to embody it. This course will be highly experiential to give you specific somatic and yoga based techniques to create the enhanced resilience that comes from a healthy matrix.

Somatic Yoga for Pain Relief

In this 3-part course, yoga teacher Donna Brooks, founder of Original Body Wisdom introduces Somatic Yoga, a style of practice accessible to everyone, which has proven particularly effective at freeing us from habits that cause movement restrictions and pain.

Somatic yoga provides an “underpinning of movement support,” so asana can be done with ease, simplicity and integrity.  It accomplishes this by waking up our sensory-motor system, using natural, sequential and fluid motions. The movements lubricate connective tissue and encourage gliding, binding and sliding movements in the muscles.