Donna Brooks is a somatic movement educator and therapist, Yogi, and embodied meditator who has 35 years of experience teaching, counseling and coaching in movement and the healing arts.

The Yoga of Walking


  • Is naturally pleasurable and satisfying. We evolved to be a walking species.
  • Can be done without sustaining injury or needing recovery time.
  • Improves circulation,  relieves arthritis, improves digestion, respiration and cuts the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
  • Strengthens bone and muscle increasing your ability to maintain strength and balance
  • Walking soothes our minds and gives us perspective.

But what if walking doesn’t feel as easy and natural as it used to? The Yoga of Walking can help you:

  • Walk longer and faster.
  • Eliminate pain in your lower back, hips, knees and feet.
  • Improve your  gait.
  • Build your core and upper body.
  • Strengthen bones and muscles.
  • Use walking as a meditation.

Want to know the secret to easy, fluid walking and gliding joints?

The Yoga of walking takes you out of faulty habits by taking you back to our evolutionary and developmental beginnings. The good news is that simply and very pleasurably you can revisit the movements and create a new level of comfort, ease and function.