What a Session is Like

What a Session is Like

I have a large tool kit and a good intuitive sense. In fact, I can help you work through the emotional aspects of making changes in your body. Emotions can come up because truthfully, when you change how your body navigates your life you also change your life. Should emotions arise I am able to be supportive, having the skill, empathy, and compassion to help you sort out the issues. Together we find more successful methods for your goals and difficulties.

The following examples can give you a window into what we may accomplish together

Session 1

One client was having a hard time becoming a global breather. Global is an essential antidote for stress, strain, and pain-it’s really the default healthy breathing pattern for all of us. But forced deep breathing doesn’t yield long-term results. The key is to reset the body’s ability to breath deeply, effortlessly, and naturally.

With this particular client I tried a variety of breathing approaches involving movement, sound, and touch. But I saw she wasn’t really getting to the level of exhalation she needed to reset the pattern. Suddenly a “eureka” moment struck-a tennis grunt! Prior to her stroke she had been an avid player and once she got into her “grunting groove” that deep, effortless breath appeared.

Session 2

Another client was bogged down by extreme back pain and a very overly rounded thoracic spine. Her natural curves were extremely out of shape, causing her discomfort. Regular yoga classes made the pain worse by forcing her body into postures that didn’t take into account the depth of her limitations. We talked about her work. It was clear her body, particularly her heart area, was reflecting a deep sadness and discouragement tied into her job. But rather than work muscularly to pressure the spine into a new alignment, we worked with the movement of the heart itself. As it lifted, her upper back curve became less pronounced, relieving her pain.

Session 3

A third client experienced extreme hip pain due to multiple surgeries and congenital problems. We worked to both strengthen and release the hips through micro-movements with precisely aligned and leveraged stretches. However, the improvements really took root afterward as the client experienced a deep relaxation and surrender into gravity. The rest allowed the nervous system to take in the new information and create more supportive possibilities for movement. She was also able to reflect upon how she found it difficult to really accept the support of those who loved and “grounded” her. As we worked she became more accepting and trusting of her emotional surroundings as well.