Donna Brooks is a somatic movement educator and therapist, Yogi, and embodied meditator who has 35 years of experience teaching, counseling and coaching in movement and the healing arts.

The Yoga of the Core: More Pleasure, Less Work!

Your core is the radial center of your entire body. This means it has a huge effect on the general happiness and well functioning of your spine, hips, knees, shoulders, neck, elbows, ribs and breathing and even ankles, wrists and internal organs.

You can support  your whole body from your core by finding your natural, sequential movement. This is the root of what makes movement satisfying, pleasurable, pain-free and protects against injury. It offers:

  • Increased energy and relief from low back, sacral and other pain.
  • Relief from clumsy or awkward movements.
  • Functional strength by integrating small or often unused muscles.
  • Balance in the muscles of your pelvic floor giving support to your spine and abdominal.
  • Individually targeted yoga postures to build energetic support for lasting improvement.
  • Playful, experiential and individualized study of your abdomen,  psoas, core bones and supporting Organs.
  • Calm presence emanating from this “center of humanity”.
These classes improve coordination, dexterity, strength, balance, motor control, gait, and rapidity. They also help you generate the emotional resiliency you need to face this disease.

This course will benefit you if:

You  are already working out, doing yoga / Pilates, or getting massage but are still prone to injury, tension or pain. The answer isn’t in doing more; it’s found in understanding the pleasurable subtleties about how YOUR body needs to move.

It’s for anyone whose physical activity needs more ease underlying the effort! You will also benefit if you have been in “couch potato” mode or recovering from an injury.

Courses beginning:

Fridays 10-11: 15 am.  April 22.
Saturdays 10-11:15 am.  April 23.
149/ 6 weeks. Hadley.

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Donna is a rare and wonderful teacher. She is like a master chef – she knows all her tools and ingredients so well, yet when she puts together the meal you are amazed by the flavors, creativity and application!” Sylvia Pippen, artist

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