The Yoga of Your Pelvic Floor

The Yoga of Your Pelvic Floor

Your pelvic floor is the root of you body. It is comprised of the layers of muscles that span the bottom of your pelvis and support you pelvic organs. it’s meant to be an elastic structure that needs a functional balance of strength and flexibility.

Poor posture, over exercising, trauma and stress, whole body tightness patterns, weight gain, constipation, child bearing or childbirth can create problems with incontinence, pain, prolapse, difficulty with sex or feelings of pressure.

There are natural movements and smart exercises that keep your pelvic floor strong and help rebuild a challenged pelvic floor.

This 3 hour workshop deepens your experience of a happy and functional pelvic floor.

  • Free the tailbone for better pelvic floor support.
  • Find the natural movements that keep pelvic floor muscles both elastic and strong. 
  • Develop breathing habits that take strain away from your pelvic diaphragm while supporting its elasticity. 
  • Prevent or slow lower organ prolapse. 
  • Help relieve difficult urination or incontinence. 
  • Find relief for excess tightness, pain and pressure.
  • Understand why and how good posture and smooth gait from your feet up support your pelvic floor. 

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The date we will meet is January 19 from 1-4.
The cost is $69 if paid by January 9, $79 thereafter. Reserve your space!

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