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Happy Hips Happy Heart

Do you remember the exquisite movement you had as a child? And how happy it made you? You could jump, bounce and run with such energy and pleasure! You can’t become a child again but you can reclaim some of the happiness, natural  spring and resiliency you have lost.

How? Through letting your body lead the way!
There is a mental and emotional harmony that comes from learning how to let your body (and not your mind) lead your movement. Research is starting to show how following signals from the body up to the brain (instead of top down brain to body) eases stress, creates emotional resiliency and enhances learning. It also allows the body to to move more support and comfort.
In fact, when your whole body movement sequences in just the right way you will experience pleasure and satisfaction in ordinary activities that now might be tiring, stressful or pained. This is because human beings evolved to use minimal energy and effort to accomplish any task. Yet, most of us use much more effort than we need. Think of a pitcher unwinding a throw. You can see the elegant, fluid and supportive movement that is so natural.
Understanding how your body naturally works helps you have this beauty and ease in your own movement. This fall I am offering a course called Happy Hips that helps you understand how your hips, knees, center and ankles move together and propel you forward in life.  And do it with a spring in your step.

Working together we can introduce more positive possibilities for your movement and get you to relax.. This is important because being at ease is the start, not end point, of feeling better.
A couple of years ago I started really asking  why people were describing my classes as “movement meditation”, Homeopathic Yoga” or “Nervous System Nirvana.” I realized that they were feeling the power of relaxing into new, and yet natural, experience. My “takeaway” is that less is more and that our bodies want to make changes. They do doing it best in supportive and comfortable atmosphere.