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Mondays: 9:30 am OR Saturdays: 10 am

Have you ever felt you could be more fully yourself in your body?

Do you have chronic areas of tension or pain you would like to relieve?

Do you want more ease in your movement or mobility in your joints?

Discover how your body feels when it works the way it should!

Somatic Movement and Yoga Therapy Classes with Embodiment specialist Donna Brooks are a gentle and effective way to develop pain free mobility, improved wellbeing and deep levels of comfort in your own skin.

Every 4 weeks we start a new series, and explore the interdependencies and relationships of each function of the body in relation to the whole.

Topics include better balance, happy feet, health for hamstrings, better breathing, pelvic floor issues, or freeing neck and shoulder pain. We also work with nervous system regulation and emotional freedom.

Each series is powerful on its own, but also builds into related material for the next series AND integrates with previous series. The result is that you transform your experience of being in your own body.

Get tools and understanding to relieve chronic stress patterns that feed into aches and pain, strain, anxiety  and limitations in movement.

Ultimately, these classes allow you to connect to unknown parts of yourself - bringing wholeness  and ease to life.

Four Weeks beginning November 18/20- Intelligent Core for Better Balance
Current research shows that good balance requires a functional core that can navigate changes in the moving body's relationship to gravity.  A function core  is more than strength of muscles. It involves the integration and proper sequence of every muscle involved with responding to changes of equilibrium.
The core includes the abdominal muscles, deep back muscles, the pelvic floor, glutes and diaphragm and attached connective tissue.  This class will show you how to integrate these parts into a cohesive whole that allows you to:
  • Improve balance so you can stand on one foot, walk without hesitation and enjoy moving quickly.
  • Coordinate core abdominal muscles and lower back muscles for pain relief
  • Find strength without gripping or holding your belly
  • Exercise smarter and gain fitness benefits through ordinary movement.

How to prepare for a somatic movement class?

These somatic movement classes require only curiosity and a comfortable place to practice.

You will participate in gentle movement explorations, see pictures of anatomical realities and use your imagination to help locate small or or directional movements you may not be aware of.

Participants report that classes are fun, calming, supportive and educational.

It helps to wear loose clothing, and ensure you have space to sit, stand or lie comfortably with a view of your computer or tablet.

Introducing your somatic movement teacher: Donna Brooks

My name is Donna Brooks, and for over 35 years, I have been helping people gain insight into their bodies and lives through yoga therapy, somatic movement, and the healing arts.

Perhaps for the first time in your adult life, you will experience your whole body and how good it feels when it works the way it was designed to.

My clients regularly report that they experience:

  • Long term pain relief.
  • Increased mobility and agility.
  • Emotional resilience and calmness.
  • Being more comfortable in their skin.


"I have been attending Donna’s classes, both in-person and via Zoom, for a couple of years.

As a physician specializing in chronic pain management, I have learned that developing the mind/body connection is the most essential tool for relieving pain and enhancing function. Donna is a master at developing, sharing, and teaching techniques to strengthen the mind/body connection.

She has helped me to heal and prevent injuries. And the understanding I have gained about my body, by attending her classes, has been invaluable for both my personal health and my professional life as an educator about pain. I would recommend her classes for anyone who either suffers from chronic pain or who simply wants to better understand how their body works.”

William Cutler, Northampton MA

Somatic Movement Classes: feel great in your own skin!

Join fun, weekly, group embodiment classes and experience what it feels like when your body works the way it should.

Gentle Somatic Movement & Yoga Therapy

  • Group 1: Mondays 9:30-10:45 am
  • Group 2: Saturdays 10:00-11:15 am
  • Participate via Zoom

A Taster for Clients Entirely New to Working with Donna

  • Get a taste for my work
  • Join a class with no commitment
  • Participate via Zoom


"Donna is a gifted teacher who truly understands the workings of the human body and translates this into practical teachings that help her students of all ages move more freely and decrease discomfort.

She combines her background in somatics, yoga, and movement in a unique, gentle movement approach that provides amazing results. After class, students have often shared that they not only feel much better physically, but they also feel calmer and more relaxed. It’s a pleasure to participate in Donna’s classes — doing something good for oneself that feels great at the same time."

Jenny Golay


"I’ve been a student of Donna’s after initially taking her Walking Clinic in 2012.

Through her wonderful class offerings, I learned to unwind chronic pain and discomfort that plagued me for years. Donna has a delightful demeanor, a caring attitude, and abundant curiosity about the systems of the body. She beautifully translates anatomical and somatic concepts into accessible and enjoyable practices for her students. I highly recommend joining her classes, or having a private session, if you desire moving with ease.”

Lisa Enzer, MA / CYT

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