Donna Brooks is a somatic movement therapist and educator, yoga therapist, and embodied meditator who has 40 years of experience teaching, counseling and coaching in movement and the healing arts.

"I scoffed when Donna told me that my hip pain which I had for 10 years could be relieved in just a few months but she was right."  - M. Clark, Northampton.


Do you want to feel better in your body, have less pain and more emotional balance, clear mindedness and connection to yourself?


Are you are thinking about aging and want to address some tendencies or small discomforts before they become painful or big problems?


Do you want to repair a disconnection between your body and your brain?

Maybe you’ve tried a few things or you don’t know where to start.

You’re in the right place.

Using somatic movement therapy and yoga therapy I can help you gently and safely circumvent trouble areas in your body and mind restoring your ability to experience life in a positive way.

My clients regularly report long term pain relief, increased mobility with agility, emotional resilience, calm and more comfort in their skin.

Are you ready to let go of stress, pain, and strain?
Even some you may not know is there?
Are you ready to stop feeling stuck?

I help by offering gentle somatic movement, embodied meditation and targeted yoga therapy to help you free habits and constrictions in your movement and in your life. I have a broad toolbox to help you unwind habits of movement and reactionary habits in your nervous system so that you can inhabit your body in ways that help you gain perspective, insight, and courage.

A somatic movement is performed with awareness and self-sensing. The focus is on the internal experience of the movement rather than the external appearance of the movement.  

Somatic Movement therapy involves being curious about your habitual movement patterns and gently exploring new ways to move. It has the added benefit of being soothing to the autonomic nervous system which means clients relieve stress and anxiety.

We start where you are.

That may be a specific physical ailment—chronic backache, pelvic floor issues, difficulty walking—or heightened sensitivity, pain, or anxiety. It may be a drive to be more in your body or even some uncertainty. There are no formulas. Instead, like a detective, I match tools to the challenges you are going through.

I have deep knowledge of the body and extensive experience helping people feel better. I bring in compassion and humor, ability to stay present, and an amazing ability to improvise. We use imagery to generate an experience, practice it, and create new neural grooves.

Holistic healing

For somatic movement therapy, yoga therapy, embodiment and holistic healing I have options for one on one, small groups and workshops both online and in-person in Easthampton, MA.

This is transformational work. We can go deep, talking together and recognizing that acceptance and safety are essential for making lasting and change.

It’s time to feel better in your body.

It’s time to feel better in your life.

Somatic Movement Therapy Services

Embodiment for Trauma, Grief & Loss

Embodiment will help you create the space for peace and joy to co-exist with the intense pain of trauma, loss and grief.

Movement Therapy for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

 A holistic approach to therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction. Recondition your pelvic floor and regain your confidence.

Holistic Pain Management, Relieve Chronic Pain

A natural approach to long-term pain. An opportunity to change your physiology and relieve pain without drugs.

Classes, Clinics, And Events

Find strain-free healthy posture, better breathing, fluid mobility, strength and flexibility with targeted somatic movements, Yoga and fascia based muscle use.

Meet Donna Brooks

My name is Donna Brooks, and for over 40 years, I have been helping people gain insight into their bodies and lives through yoga therapy, somatic movement therapy, and the healing arts.

Perhaps for the first time in your adult life, you will experience your whole body and how good it feels when it works the way it was designed to.

Donna Brooks

My clients regularly report that they

  • Long term pain relief.
  • Increased mobility and agility.
  • Emotional resilience and calmness.
  • Being more comfortable in their skin.

Learn how I can help you. You can book a 75 minute Zoom discovery session. 

You can book a 75 minute IN-PERSON DISCOVERY session. 


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