Natural Pain Relief Videos and Resources

If you are suffering from chronic or acute pain I empathize! It's hard to keep buoyant. However, with focus, breathing, imagery and gentle movement you can experience relief.

I have seen life-changing results with embodiment therapy for chronic pain relief, here are some of the tools you can start to use at home.

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How Your Subtle Movement Habits Create Physical Pain

Our body will always develop habits. Your brain thinks what you do is normal EVEN if it causes pain. The good news is you can use gentle, precise and pleasurable movements to unwind hurtful habits and do something different.

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One Thing You Need to Know Before Trying Yoga Poses to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Your thoracolumbar fascia, like all connective tissue, can crumple up and dry out. This can pull on and negatively affect important muscles involved with lower back health. Muscles like your abdominals, glutes and latissimus.

So, jump in and rest on your back. This is an exercise to help you relieve lumbar pain.

When you perceive your body from the inside out you gain more control with less effort
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Interoception | How To Start Perceiving Your Body From the Inside Out

Chronic pain is not helpful. It exhausts us. It makes us more sensitive to all kinds of things that never bothered us before: wind, hormonal fluctuations, temperature changes, touch, movement, sound and more. So how do we “desensitize” ourselves and turn down the volume on chronic pain? Through Embodiment.

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How Controlling Your Body Can Hurt You

Sure, take an aspirin when you need it. But too much control can lead to suppression. This might sound good but over time can and usually will cause more inflammation and pain. The less you try to control your body from the outside and instead build relationship from the inside, the more control you actually have. The more you work with your own body to find what gives you, and it, peace, comfort and resilience.

How to beat anxiety, stress and pain with the power of your exhalation
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Prolonged Exhalation | Be Calm and Feel Less Anxious

This video offers a gentle and firm exercise that teaches you to elongate your exhalation. Did you know it is possible to relieve pain naturally with a series of gentle movements?!

Embodiment Therapy online or in Pioneer Valley, MA.

Relieve long term pain, naturally!

My movement-based, mindful approach to natural pain relief teaches you how to address pain from the inside out.

Change your physiology and relieve pain without drugs.

Relieve back, neck, or joint pain and anxiety with interception
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Interoception | Relieve Back, Neck, Joint Pain AND Anxiety

Interoception means you can feel internal sensations that you navigate life minimizing pain and anxiety. If you are a person who doesn't feel anything until you are really cold or have to pee badly you need to develop your interoception.

Relieve lower back pain and sciatica with yoga therapy and somatics
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Yoga Therapy & Somatics for Sciatica Back Pain Relief

Did you know it is possible to relieve sacral and lumbar pain and pelvic floor dysfunction naturally with a series of gentle movements?! This mini-class will help your back pain even if you think nothing can help.

Release Agitation and Pain through Heart Breathing
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Heart Breathing | Release Anger and Feel Calm

When you feel pain, stress, anger, anxiety or agitation you need to calm your heart. This is a simple and fast exercise for self-regulation and relieving pain.

Explore More Resources for Dealing With Pain

Calm your nervous system with somatics

Try and calm your nervous system with somatics. It's quite effective. Somatics is calming and centering for your nervous system because it lets your body lead you into ease and recovery from the inside out. Many of us do good things for our bodies - we eat well, we exercise and think good thoughts - but we miss out on...

Stop Stomping As You Walk

You can stop stomping as you walk. And, the good news with that as your feet, ankles, knees and back will gain in strength, flexibility and pain relief. You will also walk quietly, delighting family and neighbors, Stomping as you walk inhibits your body's ability to absorb force. Think about it. When your foot lands heavily it can't but function...

New Science of Holistic Pain Relief

Embodiment and Somatic Movement as key to pain-free living. The new science of holistic pain relief tells us that chronic pain is often a habit. Let me back up. Pain is real - injury to our bodies (or minds or emotions hurts!). Yet, tissue injury heals in a matter of months. Why does pain continue and what can we do...

Anxiety is Really Strange

by Steve Haines

Just understanding the way anxiety works can change your experience of it.. This book is foundational to how we might approach anxiety together in my practice.

Pain is Really Strange

by Steve Haines

Pain is much more complicated than science has thought. Just understanding the new science of pain can change your experience. This book is foundational to how we might approach pain together in my practice.