Natural Pain Relief Videos

If you are suffering from chronic or acute pain I empathize! It's hard to keep buoyant. However, with focus, breathing, imagery and gentle movement you can experience relief.

I have seen life-changing results with embodiment therapy for chronic pain relief, here are some of the tools you can start to use at home.

How to beat anxiety, stress and pain with the power of your exhalation
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Relieve back, neck, or joint pain and anxiety with interception
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Relieve lower back pain and sciatica with yoga therapy and somatics
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Prolonged exhalation | Be calm and feel less anxious

This video offers a gentle and firm exercise that teaches you to elongate your exhalation. Did you know it is possible to relieve pain naturally with a series of gentle movements?!

Interoception | Relieve back, neck, joint pain AND anxiety

Interoception means you can feel internal sensations that you navigate life minimizing pain and anxiety. If you are a person who doesn't feel anything until you are really cold or have to pee badly you need to develop your interoception.

Yoga Therapy & Somatics for sciatica back pain relief

Did you know it is possible to relieve sacral and lumbar pain and pelvic floor dysfunction naturally with a series of gentle movements?! This mini-class will help your back pain even if you think nothing can help.

Release Agitation and Pain through Heart Breathing
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Heart Breathing | Release anger and feel calm

When you feel pain, stress, anger, anxiety or agitation you need to calm your heart. This is a simple and fast exercise for self-regulation and relieving pain.

Relieve long term pain,

My movement-based, mindful approach to natural pain relief teaches you how to address pain from the inside out.

Change your physiology and relieve pain without drugs.

Embodiment therapy online or in Pioneer Valley, MA.