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Why Would You Need a Walking Course?

Walking is the best exercise you can do and a walking course will help you do it!. Walking increases cardiovascular fitness, reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes, helps you lose weight. It improves conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Walking strengthens bones and muscle, relieves  stiffness and helps with balance.

But, In order to walk comfortably and get the benefits of walking you may need to improve or correct your gait

A Walking Course helps you relieve pain and restriction when you walk.

If you feel pain, get injured or have balance problems while walking you won’t be able to use it as an exercise. So, it’s valuable to break down the movement patterns found in walking and recover the natural ease inherent in human walking. Mastering your walking movements will give a strong, fluid and pain free gait. 

That makes sense. But, can I really change my gait?

Yes. Gait problems are usually caused bad habits, injuries, faulty shoes, or even stress that. Sometimes illnesses like Parkinson’s disease or MS can limit walking but learning correct gait can help. we lose the ability to have a fluid and natural gait.

I have taught walking classes and clinics for well over a decade. Of course, you need information and understanding about the mechanics of walking. But, getting an experience of a smooth gait that is easy on all of your joints is the foundation of making walking a happy and healthy experience. 

Also, my walking classes and clinics give you the time you need to erase old pesky habits that inhibit your walking.

Pesky habits? Let me explain.

Maybe, like many people, you have a bit of a stomp when you walk? It’s not uncommon – it happens when you think the essence of walking is lifting your legs. There is very little action in the feet or hips when you stomp!

This imbalance can lead to hip pain, lower back pain and difficulty with stamina during walking! It also can cause instep, ankle or toe pain or numbness.

During a walking class or gait course, you can gently and pleasantly learn how to engage your hips, hamstrings, pelvis, feet, core and spine in ways that take pressure off of your Quads. 

I have a video about stomping right here.

Stop Stomping and Walk with Ease

There are other walking course insights that help your endurance and pain free walking.

I have help hundreds with foot function, learning to not swing out when taking a step, how to swing arms properly and have all of the necesary muscles work in a sequential and integrated way.

If you are interested in walking improvement please contact me. Or watch some videos on my website. Be sure to scroll down. I also have a dedicated Youtube playlist for Walking. I have helped hundreds through classes, one on one sessions and even over Zoom. I have Zoom walking class scheduled for Sunday January 15th 2023. Learn more and sign up. Good fitness can change your life. I can help you to have the grace and comfort to approach that goal.