Embodiment Classes & Workshops

I offer weekly embodiment/ somatic movement classes online and occasional workshops including my popular in-person walking clinic and a pelvic floor workshops in Northampton, MA.

These classes and workshops are a gentle and effective way to develop pain free mobility, improved posture and gait, improved breathing, pelvic floor function and deeper levels of comfort in your own skin.

Ultimately, they allow you to connect to unknown parts of yourself - bringing wholeness and ease to your life.

Embodiment Workshops Northampton, MA

Yoga of Walking Workshop

3 Hour Workshop - Register for New Dates

Human beings are designed to spend a great deal of time walking, and walking should be naturally pain-free!

In this 3 hour walking clinic I will help you revisit the movements that "lead up" to optimal walking. It's fascinating to understand how our bodies and our gait develop and this is a simple yet powerful way to reset and optimize.

This walking workshop is suitable for any person wishing to learn how to walk properly and pain free.

Movement Therapy for Pelvic Floor Workshop

3 Hour Workshop - Register for New Dates

If you are experiencing prolapse, pain, weakness, incontinence and feel stressed out this workshop is for you.

The Yoga Therapy for Pelvic Floor workshop is a fantastic way to learn the fundamentals of your pelvic floor, stress regulation and embodiment. It is designed for anyone wanting to realize optimal health.

Over 3 hours you will discover the relationship between breathing and your pelvic floor, determine if kegels are helpful or harmful to your condition, and understand the 3 key elements of preventing or slowing down organ prolapse.

Weekly Online Embodiment Classes

Yoga Therapy & Somatic Movement Classes

Mondays: 9:30 am OR Saturdays: 10am (75 mins)

My Yoga Therapy & Somatic Movement Classes are a gentle and effective way to develop pain free mobility, improve wellbeing and deep levels of comfort in your own skin.

Have you ever felt you could be in your body more fully?

These fun, yet calming weekly online embodiment classes will help you experience and get to know your body. Every four weeks we start a new series with a new focus, each part contributing to balance and function of your whole body.

Live workshops in Northampton MA & worldwide via Zoom

Pleasant Posture Workshops

3 Hour Workshop - Register for New Dates

You can create healthy posture by using the somatic practices I share in this workshop. But first, you must realize that healthy posture is NOT a consequence of forcing your body to sit, stand or walk “tall”, “upright” or even “aligned”.

Healthy and Pleasant Posture is a result of how we live in our body.

During this three hour workshop you will learn the foundations of healthy postural tone, how to minimize the effects of stress on your posture and move in such a way that your own fluidity and feeling of weight or lightness improve your posture.

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