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Change Your Movement, Change Your Life

“Movement is life. Life is a process.Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”       Moshe Feldenkrais

What needs to improve in your life? Do you need more fun? More relaxation? More flexibility? Less strain or pain?

You can balance your mind and emotions as you unfold your body into effortless and pain-free movement. The secret to this is found in the process of embodiment.

You may be thinking, “Obviously, I am embodied, duh  -here I am!”.

But embodiment is a little more subtle than that. It’s about having a kind and perceptive relationship with the moving aspects of your body. As you master it, you can make movements you thought were impossible,  transform difficult movements into ease and feel immense satisfaction in ordinary activities.

They key is engaging your nervous system in a way that lets the body to move from true natural intelligence. We expect our movement should be organic and intuitive but our naturalness is often inhibited by habits. They can be created by:

  • Imposing unnatural movements
  • Emotional stress
  • Repetitive stress
  • Over-exertion and over discipline
  • Injuries
 By introducing healthier movement possibilities your body learns and improvises. It recovers natural intelligence so you ease out strain while developing a resiliency and flexibility that impacts both your body and your mind.It also makes life fun! Getting my body to be fit and perform the way I wanted it to be used to be hard work. Since really committing to let my natural intelligence take over exercise has become a joy.

But even more than that I feel the thrill and exhillaration of being part of an organic web of life. Okay, this can get a bit arcane sounding but truly I experience myself as an organism. Plain and simple! So much of the struggle I personalized about myself has dissapeared in the delight of just allowing the process of my movement, and my life, to exist.

This really affects me as a public speaker. If my body gets nervous it gets nervous. No biggie. It changes. And it changes BECAUSE the normal way of my body tips towards ease rather than strain.  Who would have guessed deveoping ease feesl so good on so many levels!