Donna Brooks is a somatic movement educator and therapist, Yogi, and embodied meditator who has 35 years of experience teaching, counseling and coaching in movement and the healing arts.

Embodiment For Individuals, Teachers,
Therapists, and Healers

What is Embodiment and How Does it Help?

You know how when your clients operate from the neck up they get stuck in storms of mental activity?  They can become really hard to reach.

As an embodiment expert, I bring the whole sensory and body experience to them so they are anchored in themselves. Embodiment allows them the ability to process information in a completely different way and they often transform lifelong patterns fairly quickly.

My clients report the embodiment work I do with them is the perfect adjunct to the therapy and spiritual healing they are doing. Change happens in a really different and long lasting way,

Live your own best life.

As a profession you know how you want to live in your deepest center while simultaneously connecting deeply with others. I find this work allows me and my clients to be empathic and supportive without leaking energy, getting exhausted or getting entangled with reactions or thoughts.

My clients report this work helps them stay relaxed and be present while meeting the difficult stories, trauma, resistances  and hurts of clients.  

Fee l More Comfort and Have More Clarity

Think of how you have felt when you bring hidden parts out of the shadows.  Do you remember how that builds resilience and integration in your whole being? I have found embodiment deeply changes our way of moving and being. People I work with regularly report that conscious embodiment helps bear the difficulty of facing and transcending strain and trauma. 

Lasting and beneficial change is achievable—but it is a process. According to the UK Behavior Research Center, changing a behavior generally takes at least 66 days of consecutive action. Regaining strength, function, and bodily integrity takes time, attention, and ongoing support. I would be delighted to support you. Please link to my options below or reach out through email or phone. 413.230-1260

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Here’s a past client example:

Kara is a therapist who was experiencing pain from long hours of sitting with herniated lumbar discs.She had the insight that she was hurting her posture through how her heart was affected by her patients stories. She literally let her heart fall – not just emotionally, but structurally, as she listened to difficult stories.  By consciously embodying her heart and its relationship to her spine, she avoided surgery and  stopped losing her own emotional center with difficult clients.