Neck and Shoulder Relief: Alleviate Tension and Pain

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Relieving tension and pain in your neck & shoulders

Do you know how your neck and shoulders can get really tight from screen time, driving or just feeling the stress and pressure of having to get things done?

I have worked with many clients to change ordinary, if subtle, patterns of movement so their shoulders don't automatically grip and raise up when reaching, typing, lifting, driving or just reflexively. The secret is to know how your body is designed to move and feel that movement from the inside out rather than giving outward cues that actually don't reflect the natural movement of the body.

In this class you will learn:

  • Why pinning your shoulders back and down is not useful
  • How your shoulder blade is a functional joint
  • How to balance your head on your spine.
  • How using your arms as wings can inhibit shoulder and neck tension