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Somatic Movement and Embodied Inner Ecology

What is Somatic Movement and Inner Embodied Ecology?

Embodied Inner Ecology is an outcome Somatic Movement.
Just as we live in an ecological community made up of the unity and diversity of trees, plants, stones, bodies of water, animals etc..our bodies are a kind of unified ecological community. Actually, there is a "me" but there are also the parts of the whole that have their own consciousnesses. 

Okay, I get we ARE an ecology. But what does Somatic Movement have to do with that?

Somatic Movement lets us connect with internal experiences we don't usually have perception of. Interestingly, it brings parts of us out of the shadows. For instance, have you ever taken the time to feel how the  consciousness of the heart is different than the consciousness of the gut or nerves? And, I don't mean this metaphorically. I mean actually explore this as an embodiment. Do your heart and nerves feel as different as an ocean and a plain?

 Our Inner Embodied Ecology Can Guide us.

Ultimately, connecting with what we don't usually have perception of brings parts of our inner ecology out of the shadows.  It's close to getting a clearer picture of your local river if you also swim in its streams and respect the sponge-like absorption of its wetlands. Embodied Inner Ecology balances energies bringing resilience to our well-being, personal lives and to our work with others.

Okay, I will give an example Of Embodied Inner Ecology and Somatic Movement

So, I recently a 6 week class on embodying fascia.

In it, we focused on the relationship between muscle fibers, fascia wrappings and the moment of muscles and bones. Sure, we studied the facts of the matter.

But, mostly we embodied these relationships so they could be experienced and integrated into easier, happier movement. Here is one participant’s experience:

I ran a road race recently on the hard top. Normally that would have left my hips aching for days. But after learning about and exploring the fascial system with Donna, I was able to run using my body in a way that felt light, bouncy, and strong all at once. Best of all, I had no pain in the days to follow.” 

Okay, this might seem like an ode to pain releif. But, let’s look more closely.

Embodied Inner Ecology is Experienced through Aware, Somatic Movement.

How do we go through life without over thinking, analyzing and struggling? Maybe, by experiencing our embodied inner ecology. This is life affirming. Like animals, it is part of our wiring to be deeply engaged with life. How we do this is by letting the life of our body live through us.

Being embodied takes us deeply  into the proverbial NOW as both the observer and also are deeply and passionately engaged with this life, in this moment.

Try the following experiment and se if you can allow a usually unnoticed part of your inner ecology to rise up.

Notice that you can just mentally think about doing it or you can feel it. Is there a difference in your experience between the two? Can you do both?

Somatic Movement for Embodied Inner Ecology can also take us backwards in our own development.

You can also recapitulate the spacial development of your heart by following he video below. Just notice what kinds of changes it might have on your posture, breath or nerves. If, you find a change you are on your way to balancing your Inner Ecology through Embodiment and somatic movement.

Remember, the experience of change, or perceiving something different, allows us to become more aware and integrated as a whole. We get stronger, calmer and more flexible in body, mind and spirit as we touch hidden place and become more whole.  

You can continue and deepen this journey by learning more on my website: . You can read more about what somatic movement is here. Learn to improve your breathing with somatic exploration. I offer classes, workshops and individual lessons world wide over Zoom. I offer in person work in Easthampton MA. You can also read more about somatics, disappointment and resilience here.