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Guided Imagery Meditation

Guided Imagery meditation can let us bring calm and a newfound appreciation for life after a loss or disappointment.

We all know what it is like to lose something near and dear to us. It’s often shocking and deeply discouraging. The world can become very colorless and narrow from loss. We can lose vitality. . It can give us a different point of view.

Guided Imagery Meditation is meant to be an embodied experience.

Having visualization or Imagery in your mind is good but it can create an experience of just watching versus actually experiencing a different point of view. Experiencing is how we know something so it’s best when your guided imagery meditation is felt.

So How to we create an embodied experience with Guided Imagery Meditation?

It’s good to study what you are actually trying to invoke with images. Let’s try this out. Take a look at this image of an optic nerve. Can you see the beginning of it? This is the nerve that transmits information from your eyeball back to your brain. It’s a sensory nerve as opposed to the motor nerves that move and focus your eyes.

So, let’s try a Guided Imagery Meditation!

I would like you to find a place where you are comfortable and warm. Close your eyes. Notice how your lids can sit gently on our eyes and how your eyeballs rest in their sockets. You may also notice lights and colors or gradation of gray shade. This is a kind of Guided Imagery Meditation that is arising spontaneously. Start gently moving your head around and the images you see will change. Just receive whatever you have happen. Be gentle and safe but keep moving your head (and the rest of your body) in different directions. Enjoy the show!

Your optic nerve relaxing and receiving is a great asset to Guided Imagery Mediation

Change your perspective.

Now open your eyes but not all at once. Crack them and think about continuing to be curious and receive imagery as they open. Become interested in color and shape. Many people notice, after doing this, that their perspective widens both literally and figuratively. Ye, you will notice more in your environment. Do you also feel more calm? Have your thoughts slowed down? You can use this exercise again and again.Your experience of this guided imagery meditation will stay fresh.

I am also posting a guided video of this exploration below.

Using Guided Imagery Meditation as an embodiment will help you feel that life is more rich, more colorful You will develop more resilience so the pangs of loss, disappointment, grief and stress are not so overwhelming.

And, if your pain or grief are overwhelming I can help. I have been there! You can click the links I have highlighted and learn more about how you can live beyond limitations and difficulty.