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Stop Stomping As You Walk

You can stop stomping as you walk. And, the good news with that as your feet, ankles, knees and back will gain in strength, flexibility and pain relief. You will also walk quietly, delighting family and neighbors,

Stomping as you walk inhibits your body’s ability to absorb force.

Think about it. When your foot lands heavily it can’t but function like a stiff block. Drop a book on the floor. See how hard it lands? That is your foot in a stomp. It is the opposite of walking quietly.

Our feet were designed to move between a spread-out foundational mode that helps with balance and a spring mode that moves us forward. This transformation also helps absorb force.

Feet need a healthy arch to achieve both propulsion and force absorption but that arch changes when all of your weight is on your foot! It’s supposed to!

Healthy Muscles and the Plantar Fascia on the Underside of your Feet Help you Stop Stomping.

When I say your muscles have a nice tone I mean they aren’t floppy or too tight. They are just able to get contracted or more flexible as needed. Plantar Fascia is also something that can be too tight and painful or give you the flexible support your foot needs. Sometimes it can be too loose or disorganized.

Anything unchanging and rigid or too floppy and loose inhibits your foot’s ability to respond to the surfaces it encounters. There has to be a continuum of movement. And, wearing “good” shoes doesn’t necessarily help. Shoes can prevent pain and injury but will not always get your feet in good working order.

The Best Way to Stop Stomping When you Walk is to Enliven Your Feet.

A really simple thing to do is to get a ball and roll it under your feet. You can pretend the ball is a sponge filled with paint and you are trying to paint the entire surface of your foot. Try to swish paint between your toes and get the edges of your heels and front foot. It should be fun and pleasurable.

Now stand up and compare your feet. Does one feel better? Try balancing? has this exploration affected your balance? Try walking? Is there slightly less stomp?

Of course, this blog is simply an introduction. There is a lot more to it. Learn about the ankle connection to stomping below. It will help you walk quietly.

Stomping While You Walk is a Habit.

Somatic Movement lets our hold habits fall by the wayside as we explore what is really happening in our body. The work is gentle, effective and has the ability to create lasting calm. I have more resources on you tube walking better and for general somatic movement. You can also find walking videos on my website. Click here and scroll down.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for a complimentary 15 minute call, sign up for a discovery session or for my next zoom or in person walking clinic!