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Homeopathic Yoga

I said it.  In public.  After all, Now two students have independently named it and when I joke about it to others there is a recognition. “Donna, you should call this Homeopathic Yoga

Well, what is homeopathy? It can be defined as giving as minimal a dose possible to create the most change.  I like that.  And I have to admit that I do approach bodies this way.

I like starting from the ground up.  I don’t want to see you feel like you have to change everything about you to feel better, move better or get rid of pain.  And who knows?  Maybe you will end up changing a lot.  But, let’s start slow.  Let’s start by bring as much ease into a body that has been struggling to feel better and work better.

Let’s see if shifting where the weight falls on your feet does enough to help you free yourself into more fun, more ease and more integrity.  Let’s watch if that little movement that lets you explore what have options you have about where your foot rests against the floor transfers up into your shin or your knee, hip or pelvis.  Let’s be as accepting and gentle as we can be with these pushed, hurt and aging bodies trusting that as we make subtle and incremental changes  the strength and resilience you didn’t realize you had will appear.  And it will be there to support your Yoga poses, your walking, your gardening, and your life.

Is that a time in your life a small change had  a large and powerful effect?

5 thoughts on “Homeopathic Yoga”

  1. This sounds wonderful. I am a dancer who felt greatly at ease with my body for so many years and now that I am older and have had and accumulation of dance injuries, as well as some neurological issues, I need to relate to my body in a much more low-key, at ease kind of way. In the past I found when I went to yoga classes the dancer in me would take over sooner or later I would start to injure myself and have to drop out. I realize that would never happen working with Donna, because she is so mindful and gentle and sensitive to these issues.

  2. As I get to know Donna and her work more, I am becoming increasingly intrigued and impressed by her approach.

    I think that I will try a session with her soon.

    Jess Dods

  3. Thanks to your latest blog, I have been letting my consciousness zoom down to my feet and note all kinds of phenomenon: sensation,weight,pressure,and balance. It has been a great everyday excercise in groundedness! Thank you.

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