Donna Brooks is a somatic movement educator and therapist, Yogi, and embodied meditator who has 35 years of experience teaching, counseling and coaching in movement and the healing arts.

Embodiment for Sensitive and Highly Sensitive People

Creating Resilience Through Intelligent Movement

If you have pain, anxiety, feel isolation, have difficulty in negotiating stress or just feel there is more to express in life, I can help.

Many people come to me with pain and restrictions they have struggled with for years. 

Physical difficulties are often accompanied with fatigue, despair and frustration. Together we can work to reset how your nervous system meets obstacles helping get out of pain OR handle the pain with a resilience you never imagined.

It’s not just the original injury ….

When you react to pain, worry, anxiety to injury you constrict your tissues even more.  At first, this physical and emotional tightening  protected you from the worst of the pain. It was useful but as time goes on it creates lasting limits and dullness. 

Sensitive people and HSP tend to be very affected by this secondary type of constriction. You are more aware of what is happening than most people but you are also most vulnerable to suffering from that awareness.

How to Break the cycle….

We  have the ability to remove these habits and constrictions from our bodies but often need a trusted guide who can help us.  Using a gentle, non-intrusive, and respectful approach, I offer one on one teaching and coaching to help you become more grounded, fluid, secure, resilient and pain free. You can experience:

  • Relief of emotional, energetic and physical pain and constrictions that limit joy.
  • Trust your insight and inner knowing (interception0 to guide young not stress you.
  • Relief from physical pain and emotional exhaustion, anxiety, and despair.
  • Courage and ability to navigate life on your terms.
Lasting and beneficial change is achievable—but it is a process

According to the UK Behavior Research Center, changing a behavior generally takes at least 66 days of consecutive action. Regaining strength, function, and bodily integrity takes time, attention, and ongoing support.  You can find this support  through the individual programs below. Please realize these programs are a guide. In reality, everything I offer is tailored to you!

Small classes​

Study with Donna Online​​

Are you interested but not sure?

One-time discovery sessions are available for $150. These discovery sessions help you assess if now is the time for you to enroll in this process of creating grace, integrity, and ease in your body and mind. Also, some clients choose the option of paying per lesson: $120.