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Living From the Wisdom of your Body brings happiness and comfort

Did you know that your natural, instinctive movement is likely compromised by old habits, bad modeling, injuries, emotions and cultural norms?
I have had a life long quest into recovering my natural movement and I can help recover yours.
I came into body wisdom through hatha yoga. I understood the ideal of yoga, to be, making the body ready to serve as temple for the divine. But so much of Yoga practice seemed to be an imposition on my body, relegating it to being a servant of my will.  That did not feel divine to me. In fact, it seemed like just one more outside ideal to conform myself to.

So, I began to uncover my own natural movement and help other’s discover their own.
It wasn’t always easy. I had to meet strains, compensations, bad habits, injuries and emotions that developed over my life time. But meeting them was key to unwinding them.
I realized my body, and yours,  has intelligence that is often confused by these habits and strains. Letting go of them allowed for:
  • Happiness and delight in moving for the sake of moving
  • Openness, discernment and compassion with self and others
  • Speaking from authenticity and center
  • Playfulness
  • Relief from pain and strain
  • Protection from injuries that happen because of loss of coordination and balance
  • Comfort with walking, standing, lifting and other ordinary movements.
  • Healthy muscular tone, joint flexibility and bone strength
Uncovering original body wisdom is a gentle and pleasurable process that cultivates patience, curiosity, dedication and the ability to be present. You are not only on your way to a happier body but to a more satisfying and embodied life.

It’s my great joy to help people move with more ease and strength just by recovering this intelligence. Even , better you can make profound changes in your life.

I’m amazed at how wonderful I feel in my body! Also, being in touch with the inner physical sensations of my body, I feel more emotionally connected as well. In working with Donna I feel more confident, more comfortable in my skin, and more at home with myself. Working with her has transformed aspects of my life I never even anticipated.” 
Sara Sloan, therapist, Northampton MA