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What is Somatic Movement?

A somatic movement is made with focus on the internal movement instead of on the external movement.

You may already realize, internal movement is very different from most physical or exercise training. And, because this internal way of moving builds your interoception (self sensing) it helps you feel good.

Not surprisingly, as you master this skill, you will make better and more clear choices about your well being.

What is somatic movement? 
Woman dancing field.

How does somatic movement access the wisdom of body and mind?

Somatic Movement Therapy gives you the tools you need to the access wisdom stored in your body. Because it It helps unwinds tension habits that cause pain and limitations you can feel better. Lastly, bad habits can be caused by physical injuries, trauma, personal habits or even skipped developmental stages.

When we move gently we change our bodies and minds. The Laban institute has published work showing how sensing improves posture, lifts mood and helps emotional expression. HM Alexander Center has done work on how and why internally based movement brings relief from Parkinson’s symptoms.

Although more research is needed, so far we know that by using movement to deepen the brain -body connection you feel better, have more resilience and are better equipped in meeting the challenges of life.

Somatic Movement encourages brain plasticity.

Brain Plasticity is the ability of your nervous system to change patterns and habits by reorganizing how it does things. Having a brain that can change improves how you move your muscles, how you perceive balance, how you react to outer stress, or when you notice tiredness, hunger or emotion. A reorganized brain changes and can help how you respond to any threats you perceive. This is very important for anyone in chronic pain or who has high sensitivity (HSP) because you can change how you actually the world around you.

Somatic Movement is the secret ingredient to deepening our body – mind connection.

If you find your mind is cut off from your body. As a result you can feel ungrounded, anxious, out of control or even depressed. In fact, when humans worry or are overactive mentally we often get digestive upsets, high blood pressure, tense muscles, headaches or just feel spacey.

When people have the tools to reconnect body and mind life flows more easily. It becomes easier to accept difficulties and develop clear and effective strategies of working with them. You can let go of stress and find it easier to manage life. Because you are refining your movement as you change your brain, you find actually living in your body becomes easier even as your thoughts and emotions become more manageable.

Conditions Somatic movement can help with

I have been teaching Yoga since 1981 and Somatic Movement since 1992. I find it useful for many challenges. Here are a few:

• Pain and stress management or alleviation
• Sexual health and pelvic floor issues
• Balance
• Difficulties with smooth or fluid movement
• Nervous system calming and meditation
• Trauma and injury recovery
• Fitness training
• Anxiety, worry, despair and mental health concerns
• Alleviating Parkinson’s symptoms.
• Meeting loss and grief.

The right approach can significantly improve your quality of life and maintain these gains over time. So, relieve your symptoms, reduce your pain, and feel confident to live life to the fullest. If you are ready to have some fun and feel better, I am ready to work with you! Please contact me for a free 20 minute assessment.

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