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Yoga For Parkinson’s Disease: How Voice Lifts Mood

Yoga for Parkinson’s can teach you how your voice can lift your mood.

Yoga For Parkinson’s: how voice can lift your mood while helping you speak more loudly and deeply.

Just like understanding and practicing how to stretch, bend, stride or breath properly help you relieve the stiffness of Parkinson’s, understanding the movement of your vocal chords, the structure of your windpipe and pharynx help you speak more loudly and deeply. Even just releasing tension around your jaw and mouth can help you articulate more strongly. And, you will relieve stress therefore feel better too! Voice lifts your mood.

Lifting your mood is essential in Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease

I lost my beautiful son Michael Brooks on July 20, 2020. Since then I have been working with vocalizing – mainly sounding out vowels – as an avenue for letting go of the deep pain and stress I feel. Research is showing that sounds we make – singing, groaning, moaning, crying, laughing or chanting stimulate the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is an important part of yoga for Parkinson’s disease. Yoga for Parkinson’s disease: voice lifts mood..

Try this Voice Yoga For Parkinson’s experiment:

Try massaging the area underneath your cheeks. When you have softened some of the tight muscles around your mouth try to form a big O shape with your mouth and lips. Make the sound oo and see if you can feel the sound vibrate in your mouth as if your entire mouth were a chamber. Do this 10-20 times ( without straining) and then see if you notice a difference in your speaking voice. It may feel much easier to speak.

Making sound feels great but how do I get motivated on my own?

You don’t have to. I offer weekly classes in Yoga and gentle movement for Parkinson’s Disease over Zoom. You can join from wherever you wish. You will have camaraderie in the safety of your own home. All you need is a computer and a place to be. We meet Wednesday mornings at 10 am EST

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Don’t let the blues or your condition get the best of you! Your own voice can dampen your physical and emotional pain. I look forward to seeing you! Interested? Sign up for work with me here