Pleasant Posture

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Pleasant Posture

Do you find yourself stressing out about posture or unable to "maintain" good posture?

Struggling with posture is counterproductive. Injuries, stress, and bad habits can cause issues that impact how you sit or stand and limit the activities you participate in, but trying to force your body into a concept about posture won't work because posture is not a fixed position you have to attain. Rather, it is a tone, or expression, of muscles and other tissue in relation to gravity.

Simply put, this means how you walk, move, and most importantly, experience your body impacts your posture to a larger degree than trying to find a static position.

If you find yourself:

  • Trying hard to stand "straight" and yet slump
  • Developing a hump back despite attempts at correction
  • Feeling wobbly or unbalanced
  • Struggling with drooping head or shoulders (i.e. looking at the ground)
  • Tiring from pinning back your shoulders and tucking your chin and tail
  • Holding your breath when you stand "tall" or "straight"
  • Worrying about your posture
    There is hope!

You can enjoy a healthy and functional posture by using the somatic practices.

In this course, you will realize that healthy posture is NOT a consequence of forcing your body to sit, stand, or walk “tall," “upright,” or even “aligned."