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Strong, Flexible and Pain Free = Happy Body

I have no doubt you know that your core (abdominal and spinal) strength and flexibility have a powerful effect on all parts of your body.Maybe people sense this instinctively by tightening their gut to stand taller.

But did you know that your limbs and especially your extremities have a profound effect on your core? Yes, How you reach with your hands and and step through your feet can support or weaken the joints further up the line.

Let’s try a simple, sort of no brain, exercise to illuminate this.
Try walking with exaggerated duck feet, (Toes pointing severely to the sides).
Now try pigeon foot moves. (Toes pointing inward towards each other)..
Can you feel the impact of your feet on your ankles? Knees? Hips? Lower back?
After you did this experiment you might be saying to yourself: Okay. When I walk  can remember to point my toes forward. That will correct any imbalance in my walk.
But, you can’t just impose alignment on your body and make everything better. Your body is much more sophisticated and connected than that.

Simply changing the position of your foot won’t alleviate the problem. Smoothing out the relationship that travels from your foot through your ankle, shin bones, knees and up into your hips will.

The same is true of the connection from your hands to wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms into shoulders and into your spine. Re patterning any habits of faulty communication or misused movement between these parts can correct these difficulties.
And, the re-patterning I work with through Original Body Wisdom also enhances relaxation, increases body awareness and builds balance, flexibility and functional strength.