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The evolutionary roots of precise and powerful walking

Fall is in the air and it’s a really great time to get out and walk. That is easier said than done if walking is tiring, painful or boring. Maybe it doesn’t feel as natural as it used to?

Our bodies are built for walking. There is a lot of “genetic lineage” that led up to and supports healthy and satisfying walking movement.  What is that genetic lineage?

Well, think about this:

Life started in the water and the water creatures that came before us grew fins that helped propel them forward in the sea. Then those very fins transformed into early arms and legs that got land reptiles and then mammals moving on the surface of the earth.  Through many permutations we humans developed and brought sustained upright posture into the picture.The key to sustaining our healthy upright posture and movement is to go back and experience key movements that set the stage for who we are now. It won’t be the first time you have done these movements; you went through them as an infant and toddler. But, once we hit 40 and above most of us have bad habits that cloud the clarity and support of our healthy movement foundation.

The Yoga of Walking Clinic is an awareness based method of uncovering the healthy functioning of your body. It’s pleasant, interesting and fun. You can read more on my website or sign up! I don’t want to fill my writing with testimonials but you can also read about the deeply useful experiences students have had with the clinic.
If you have already done a walking clinic it might be time for  a refresher. And now is the time to come as I have expanded the hours, experience and information. Walking will get ever more pleasant and beneficial.Hope to see you there!