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The Amazing Gliding and Sliding Joints

Happy Holidays and New Year
This New Year take some pressure off of your joints.

Joints benefit from healthy movement. They need to rotate  and GLIDE. Too often we aviod painful joint movement or try to exercise them into getting better. Both solutions have their place. The way you can tell if you are helping your joints is through understanding and tracking your own movement.

Luckily, you can learn this pleasant, calming and useful skill. Through it you can relieve pain and make exercise and daily activity  safer, more beneficial and satisfying.So what are some ways you can develop your ability to feel what is right for your own body?

Learn about your bones For instance, if your hips have a more shallow rather than a deep socket a relatively large range of movement will be possible. But the hip may dislocate easily. Don’t stretch or extend radically JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN or because it “feels good” to push. The cost of this is instability and over-extended ligaments.


Find smooth and supportive motion. In any movement there is a natural rhythm of extending and compressing. If you are too loose or too tight in any part of the movement sequence you have an imbalance. The good news is that it can be very fun and deeply settling to your nervous system to gently work out the imbalance.

Give up excessive stretching,  Some of you may have been born with kind of excess joint flexibility. Also, women just have more flexibility in ligaments than men, specially during pregnancy and menses If you you know you are very flexible or have “hyper-mobility” you need to work with securing the joint rather than extending through it. Securing doesn’t’t mean tightening  – it means finding the “just right fit” Just like Goldilocks and her porridge.

Limber up through ordinary everyday movements. Massage, Yoga and bodywork are fantastic tools for wellness how you are moving in everyday ordinary activity makes the biggest impact on your well being.  


Next I will talk about the nervous system connection to healthy joints and the well aligned skeleton in motion.