Balance rest with positive stress for neurological difficulty, stroke and Parkinson’s Disease

Stress isn't all bad. In fact, you need a certain amount of positive stress to encourage healing and to build strength. Physical therapy is very good at providing positive stress. It's what makes you push to a new plateau or to hold on to basic function.  But stress without the right type of relaxation is positive stress depleting. The right...

Breathing for Intelligence

Sounds simple but also far fetched, doesn't it? But really, deep in our brain, the limbic system decides if any particular stimulus is worthy of activating our "fight or flight or freeze" mechanisms. If activated we either put tremendous energy - glucose, muscle readiness, cortisol and adrenalin release into survival. Or, conversely, we can become numb, depressed and inactive. In...

Nell, a courageous young woman recovering from stroke

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Video: Yoga For Stroke Recovery

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