What’s up with Yoga therapy and why might I want it?

In my mind, Yoga therapy is the  process of liberating the natural intelligence of the body to reverse the aching, pain and limitations we feel from age, injury and misuse. Most of us struggle to correct imbalances and problems while never quite realizing that ease in our nervous system and muscles are key to living without pain and with pleasure....

The Simple Pleasure of Moving

When I was younger and felt strongly about mastering each Asana (posture) I encountered; I went for getting the postures "right" at the expense of pleasure I could have on the way. Don't get me wrong. Certainly, I enjoyed practicing Yoga. I still enjoy it. But I didn't experience it as pleasure exactly. I think, as westerners, we go for...

Why this Yoga Teacher cracks a bullwhip!

A BULLWHIP???!!!  Isn't that sexist, sexy, weirdly S&M or an obsession with a weapon? In any case, how could a Yoga teacher be interested in doing this? I mean, Isn't Yoga about serenity and all of that?  Or at least getting strong and flexible in a relaxed way. But it's definitely non-violent and of course calm. Ah, but Yoga and...

Does your practice dull your curiosity?

Practice makes perfect. That's our ideal, right? To really get those Yoga poses, dance moves or movement patterns JUST RIGHT. After all, then we will be happy or accomplished or perhaps worthy of our art. But what about awareness? You know, that subtle and ever so succulent place of being fully engaged with our feeling, our sensing, our knowing beyond...

Homeopathic Yoga

I said it.  In public.  After all, Now two students have independently named it and when I joke about it to others there is a recognition. "Donna, you should call this Homeopathic Yoga" Well, what is homeopathy? It can be defined as giving as minimal a dose possible to create the most change.  I like that.  And I have to...

Video: Proud Warrior into Power Bullwhip Cracking

Watch Donna demonstrate bullwhip cracking using full body integration and the swing of Proud Warrior (Virabhadrasana). Read more

Balance rest with positive stress for neurological difficulty, stroke and Parkinson’s Disease

Stress isn't all bad. In fact, you need a certain amount of positive stress to encourage healing and to build strength. Physical therapy is very good at providing positive stress. It's what makes you push to a new plateau or to hold on to basic function.  But stress without the right type of relaxation is positive stress depleting. The right...

Breathing for Intelligence

Sounds simple but also far fetched, doesn't it? But really, deep in our brain, the limbic system decides if any particular stimulus is worthy of activating our "fight or flight or freeze" mechanisms. If activated we either put tremendous energy - glucose, muscle readiness, cortisol and adrenalin release into survival. Or, conversely, we can become numb, depressed and inactive. In...

Nell, a courageous young woman recovering from stroke

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