Pain-free Walking

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Pain-Free Walking

We have evolved to be a walking species. Walking is coded into our evolutionary and developmental beginnings. You could say that human beings were designed to spend a great deal of their time walking!

But what happens when walking is no longer pleasurable and it becomes a struggle—when you can no longer walk for long periods of time or if walking causes you pain?

Injuries, or a lifetime of poor posture and/or bad walking habits, can cause issues that impact how we get around and limit the activities we participate in. We often call this "getting older" and simply surrender to the pain or reduced mobility, but it doesn't have to be this way!

Are you experiencing...

  • Tired or aching feet?
  • Pain in your hips, legs, knees, ankles or lower back?
  • Stiff or gripping toes?
  • Being wobbly or unbalanced?
  • Drooping head and shoulders (i.e. looking at the ground)?
  • Feeling like you exert yourself more than you should?

There is hope!

You can unwind the habits of the past and re-learn good habits that will relieve pain, optimize your gait and improve posture while walking! Learning to walk without pain is a skill that can be taught and learned at any age. Its benefits are far-reaching and, in many cases, life-changing.

By simply and pleasurably revisiting the movements that "lead up" to optimal walking you can understand and experience how our bodies and gait develop and how they should feel when they feel good.