Embodiment Therapy Videos and Resources for Trauma, Grief & Loss

Are you suffering from grief or loss? It's easy to be disconnected. But by reclaiming your own life in your body you can start to accept the loss and feel good about continuing life as it is.

Each of these videos offers a different embodiment exercise or tip that will help you on your way.

How to help yourself when you get flooded by emotions and thoughts
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How to Help Yourself When You Get Flooded by Emotions and Thoughts

Make your body and brain work together to aid healing and end suffering. There is peace in difficulty. You need to make a bridge between your brain and body.

Express Righteous Anger and Relieve Grief
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Express Righteous Anger and Relieve Grief

When my son died I had to get acquainted with lots of emotions happening quickly. One that was hard to accept was anger. But then I learned about righteous anger and how to keep it from festering.

Are you having horrible feelings after a shock or traumatic loss
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Are You Having Horrible Feelings After a Shock or Traumatic Loss?

When my son died I initially blocked out all feelings. But, as the shock subsided, an avalanche of feeling grew. This little video tells you how I was able to navigate those overwhelming feelings I could go on with life.

Choosing life after the death of an adult child
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Choosing Life After the Death of an Adult Child

When my 36 year old son died suddenly I really didn't know how I would go on. I felt I could lose myself in sadness. I came to a fork in the road when I knew I had to choose life.

What has allowed me to go on is my daily embodiment practice. It allows me to feel my emotions and the beauty of life.

Embodiment and somatic movement have given me my life back. If you or anyone you know is struggling with loss or sudden loss, I can help.

Somatic Movement Therapy for Trauma, Loss and Grief

There is space for peace and joy to co-exist with the intense pain of loss and grief.

I understand grief and loss, and I am ready to help you through the depths of your loss. I also offer profoundly supportive tools to guide you in the new world you have found yourself in.

Work with Donna online or in Pioneer Valley, MA.

Explore More Resources to Help You Deal With Trauma, Grief and Loss

My Podcast With Josh Summers on The Yoga of Grief, Trauma & Loss

Donna's Podcast With Michele Larwence of Inner Peace Yoga

In this special episode, I share how the death of my son, Michael, shapes my teaching and approach to working with grief and loss.

Podcast interview with Donna on the Aware Athlete

Learn what Somatic practice is and how somatic education can help with learning new skills, improving movement, reducing pain, improving athletic performance. How somatic therapy can help with Grief, trauma, depression and inner difficulties of all kinds.

3 Ways Embodiment Helps Navigate Loss

Loss is quite present on many of our lives. So, how do we navigate this turbulent terrain? This article offers 3 ways Embodiment helps navigate loss. Please understand, there are no hard and fast answers. However, embodiment can be a powerful aid in navigating an uncertain landscape that fills you with pain , uncertainly or dread. What is embodiment and...

Somatics Helps Disappointment Overload

Right now, I need to apply somatic help for disappointment overload in my own life! You see, my husband and I have been house hunting. We  make really good offers and yet - no house! Obviously, buying a house takes a lot of stamina and, increasingly, an ability to weather disappointment. Also, it takes being able to weather losing out. I have...

Grief and Beauty

One of my favorite books on grieving is full of the recognition that grief and beauty can be experienced together. It has been amazing to me how in moments my grief turns to a kind of exquisite beauty and awe of life. Honestly, it is this experience that helps me continue to love life amid its agonies. Perhaps, beauty can...

Trauma is Really Strange

by Steve Haines

Grief and Loss are often experienced as a traumatic event. This is a great resource for learning what trauma does to your brain and how to help it.

The Smell of Rain and Dust

by Martín Prechtel

This book has been an invaluable resource after the death of my son. Covering all types of loss and grief it challenges us to see loss and essential to our humanity.

The Keening Tradition

Keening was a vocal ritual performed at the graveside in mourning of the dead. Keens are said to have contained raw unearthly emotion, spontaneous word, crying and elements of song. Vocal expression that comes from the gut has helped me grieve.